How many Councillors are in Toowoomba Regional Council?

How many Councillors are in Toowoomba Regional Council?

10 councillors
Toowoomba Regional Council A council of 10 councillors and a Mayor are elected every four years, alongside other LGAs in Queensland. There has been 3 local elections since amalgamation.

Who is the Councillor for Toowoomba?

Deputy Mayor Geoff McDonald and Councillor Rebecca Vonhoff. Toowoomba councillor Rebecca Vonhoff will challenge incumbent Deputy Mayor Geoff McDonald for his position in the coming weeks.

What regional council is Toowoomba?

The Toowoomba Region is a local government area located in the Darling Downs part of Queensland, Australia….Toowoomba Region.

Toowoomba Region Queensland
Council seat Toowoomba
Region Darling Downs
State electorate(s) Toowoomba North Toowoomba South Condamine Nanango Southern Downs

How much do Toowoomba Councillors get paid?

COUNCILLOR, EXECUTIVE BRANCH SALARIES Mr Antonio’s remuneration including superannuation in 2020-21 cracked $200,000, while Deputy Mayor Geoff McDonald was paid $139,000. The other nine councillors were paid $121,000 each.

Who is the mayor of Toowoomba?

Toowoomba Regional Council Mayor Paul Antonio has been Mayor of the region since 2012.

Who is deputy mayor of Toowoomba?

Cr Carol Taylor was re-elected to Toowoomba Regional Council for her third term in 2016. She has been elected by Council as Deputy Mayor and has been re-appointed as Chair of the Infrastructure Committee.

Is Toowoomba regional or rural?

The Toowoomba Regional Council area is a growing residential area, with significant rural and rural-residential areas, and some industrial and commercial land use. The Toowoomba Regional Council area encompasses a total land area of about 13,000 square kilometres.

Is Toowoomba a regional area?

Boasting one of Australia’s most diverse economies, the Toowoomba Region is a vibrant community that spans almost 13,000km2 including the City of Toowoomba and the regional centres of Cambooya, Clifton, Goombungee, Greenmount, Highfields, Millmerran, Oakey, Pittsworth and Yarraman, along with numerous smaller townships …

How much does a mayor get paid in Qld?

News. Queensland’s mayors and councillors will receive a two per cent pay increase this year, lifting mayoral salaries to between $110,386 and $263,227 depending on the size of the council. Wednesday January 12, 2022 Local Government Remuneration Commission chair Bob Abbot.

How much does a mayor get paid in Australia?

‘Out of step’ Unlike the NSW public sector, general managers can also receive discretionary increases to their total remuneration package from Council. Councillor fees range from $9,190 to $40,530 and mayoral fees from $18,970 to $263,040.

How long has Paul Antonio been mayor of Toowoomba?

List of mayors of Toowoomba

Mayors of Toowoomba
Toowoomba Regional Council Logo
Incumbent Paul Antonio since 28 April 2012
Style Councillor
Term length 4 years