How many days rush passport in Philippines?

How many days rush passport in Philippines?

In the Philippines, DFA offers expedite processing with a processing period of six (6) working days for NCR applicants and seven (7) working days for applicants outside the NCR. The fee for expedited processing is Php 1,200.00.

How long does it take to process a Philippine passport?

PHILIPPINE CONSULATE GENERAL Regular passport applications received from Philippine Embassies/Consulates will be available from four (4) to six (6) weeks from the date of application. Applicants are advised to plan trips or interviews where they will need valid passports only after receiving the new passport.

How long does it take to get a passport if you put a rush on it?

Processing Times

Routine 8 to 11 weeks
Expedited 5 to 7 weeks
Expedited at Agency Must have international travel within 3 business days

How can I get fast passport appointment in the Philippines?

How to Make a Passport Appointment Online

  1. Start an individual or group appointment.
  2. Choose a DFA consular office for your passport application or renewal.
  3. Select your preferred date and time.
  4. Fill out the online passport application form.
  5. Pick your preferred passport processing type (regular/expedited processing).

How much is the rush passport Philippines?

Applicants may choose rush or expedited processing when making an appointment in the Passport Online Appointment System (OAS), and an additional fee of PHP 250 will be added on top of the PHP 950 passport processing fee.

How many passports are processed in a day?

The backlog has built up in just 10 weeks since the agency severely curtailed passport services on March 19 to only “life-or-death emergencies.” According to the report provided to Congress last week, the department has been receiving 9,000 passport applications each day, compounding the logjam.

How long is passport processing?

The vast majority of all passport applications are being dealt with well within 10 weeks. However, a passport can only be issued once all the checks have been completed satisfactorily and will take longer if applications are submitted with missing or incomplete information.

How can I make my passport appointment faster?

Call 1-877-487-2778 from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. ET, Mondays through Fridays. Our appointment line for Urgent Travel Service is closed on weekends and federal holidays. Preparing for your Appointment: Collect all of your application materials before you arrive for your appointment.

Can I go directly to DFA without appointment?

Can I walk in instead? ONLY EXCEPTIONAL AND EMERGENCY CASES are allowed on walk-in basis at Courtesy Lane in DFA Aseana and other Consular Offices in the Philippines. Non-emergency applicants must secure an online appointment at

How much is the cost of passport renewal in the Philippines?

Pay the corresponding passport renewal fees at the Cashier on the second floor: Regular Processing: PhP950.00 (20 business days); Express Processing: PhP1,200.00 (10 business days). 8.

How do I get a passport in the Philippines?

Only a Filipino citizen is eligible to acquire a Philippine passport. How do I apply for a Philippine passport? Set an appointment at Appear on the actual date of appointment and bring the complete set of requirements appropriate to your application. Where can I get a passport application form?

How much is the penalty for lost and mutilated passport in Philippines?

Expedited Processing – P 1,200.00 Penalty for lost and mutilated passports – P 350.00 For applications made at Consular Offices in Metro Manila, processing and releasing of passports take 12 working days for regular processing and 6 working days for expedited processing.

What is the rush passport application form?

This form is used for to keep track of your application. Must be signed by applicant ages 16 and over. The parent coming in must sign for child 15 years of age and under. Applicant can use black or blue ink on the form. Signed Passport, valid for 6 months or more w/ at least 2 blank visa pages.