How many missions GTA 3 have?

How many missions GTA 3 have?

This is a list of all missions in Grand Theft Auto III, sorted by type, island and mission-giver. There are 51 storyline missions, 17 phone missions, 4 off-road missions, 4 remote-controlled Missions, and 1 side mission for a total of 77 missions.

What is the final mission in GTA 3?

The Exchange
The Exchange is the final storyline mission in Grand Theft Auto III. It is given to the protagonist, Claude, by Colombian Cartel leader, ex-girlfriend, and main antagonist Catalina from the Cartel Mansion in Cedar Grove, Shoreside Vale, Liberty City.

How long is the GTA 3 story?

13 to 18 hours
Grand Theft Auto 3: From 13 to 18 hours of main story content.

How do you get 100% on GTA 3?

For the purpose of getting 100% though, you will only need to destroy one car for each mission to count. For a complete list of RC Missions, please see GTA 3 RC Mission Locations.

Can you miss mission in GTA 3?

However, GTA III has 10 missable missions that will become permanently inaccessible if you play them in the wrong order. If you miss these missions, you can still progress through the story, but you will be locked out of achieving 100% completion on the current save file.

How do you save Maria in GTA 3?

Take cover behind objects, crates, corners when the missiles begin to fly from Catalina’s helicopter; Take out the guard with the flamethrower between the crates below the helipad and shoot the guy above him on the helipad deck; Climb the stairs and carefully shoot around Maria and clear the 3 guards on the rooftop.

Is GTA 3 or San Andreas better?

GTA San Andreas Definitive Edition is considered to be much better than GTA 3 as players can enjoy one of the best storylines in the entire series. While both games have many bugs and glitches, fans definitely love how the remaster of GTA San Andreas looks.

How many missions are in GTA 3?

– Portland – 21 Missions – Staunton Island – 26 Missions – Shoreside Vale – 1 Mission Several of these missions are missable, see Story Missions below for more information

What are the cheats for GTA 3?

Clear Weather Cheat. The weather will be clear and sunny.

  • Foggy Weather Cheat. The weather will be Foggy and somewhat hard to see.
  • Cloudy Weather Cheat. The weather will be overcast and cloudy.
  • Rainy Weather Cheat. The weather will be rainy and stormy.
  • Slow Motion Cheat. The game will begin to play in slow motion.
  • Fast Motion Cheat.
  • Speed Up Time Cheat.
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