How many streams are in Pennsylvania?

How many streams are in Pennsylvania?

Every two years the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) reports on the health of the waters of the Commonwealth as required by the federal Clean Water Act. A draft 2020 report indicates that of the 85,568 identified miles of streams in the Commonwealth, 99 percent (84,908) have been assessed.

What rivers flow through Pennsylvania?

The 10 Longest Rivers in Pennsylvania

Rank River Length
1 Ohio River 981 miles (1,579 km)
2 Susquehanna River 464 miles (747 km)
3 Allegheny River 325 miles (523 km)
4 Delaware River 301 miles (484 km)

What are the main rivers in Pennsylvania?

Some of the major rivers in Pennsylvania are the Allegheny River, Delaware River, and Susquehanna River. In fact, it’s the Delaware River that separates the states of New Jersey and New York.

How many miles of streams does Pennsylvania have?

86,000 miles
Pennsylvania is home more than 86,000 miles of rivers, streams, and creeks – second in the United States only to Alaska. That’s three-and-a-half trips around the Earth.

What bodies of water are near Pennsylvania?

Pennsylvania Lakes, Rivers and Water Resources Pennsylvania Lakes Shown on the Map: Allegheny Reservoir, Conemaugh River Lake, Lake Erie, Lake Wallenpaupack, Pymatuning Reservoir, Raystown lake, Shenango Reservoir and Tionesta Lake.

How many bodies of water are in Pennsylvania?

Introduction. Pennsylvania’s surface water resources include 83,184 miles of streams and rivers, more than 4,000 lakes, reservoirs, and ponds, and 120 miles of coastal waters, overall involving nearly 2.5 trillion gallons of water.

What are the 6 major watersheds in PA?

Pennsylvania has 6 major watersheds: the Ohio, the Genesee, the Susquehanna, the Delaware, the Erie, and the Potomac.

What is the longest creek in Pennsylvania?

The creek is 87.2 miles (140.3 km) long. Within Tioga County, 23.25 miles (37.42 km) of Pine Creek are designated as a Pennsylvania Scenic River….Pine Creek (Pennsylvania)

Pine Creek
Basin size 979 square miles (2,540 km2)

Are there any natural lakes in Pennsylvania?

Pennsylvania has a wealth of water, but its only naturally occurring lakes are rare commodities. Of the more than 2,500 water bodies bearing the name “lake,” there are only 50 natural, glacial lakes, with the vast majority of those in the Pocono Mountains in the northeastern end of the state.

Is the Chesapeake Bay in Pennsylvania?

Although Pennsylvania doesn’t border the Chesapeake Bay, more than half of the state lies within the watershed. Pennsylvania contains two major rivers that are part of the Chesapeake Bay Watershed: the Susquehanna, with 21,000 square miles, and the Potomac, with 1,600 square miles.

What are some important bodies of water in Pennsylvania?

Lake Erie is the largest lake in Pennsylvania by size, but as part of the Great Lakes, it is not located entirely within the state….16 Best Lakes in Pennsylvania

  1. Lake Erie.
  2. Lake Wallenpaupack.
  3. Raystown Lake.
  4. Lake Harmony.
  5. Conneaut Lake.
  6. Canadohta Lake.
  7. Edinboro Lake.
  8. Lake Nockamixon.