How media and money are related?

How media and money are related?

How media and money are interrelated? The technologies that mass media use keep changing and so a lot of money is spent on getting the latest technology. Due to these costs, the mass media needs a great deal of money to do its work. Thus, mass media is constantly thinking of ways to make money.

What are the two types of media class 7?

TV, radio, and newspapers are forms of media….

  • Media plays a very important role in providing news and discussing events taking place in the country and the world.
  • New stories of media inform people about important events in the country.

What are the advantages and disadvantages brought about by modernization as part of social change?

Answer: Modernization brings technology that consumes energy and leads to such things as air pollution and climate change. Another negative effect is (arguably) on our society. Modernization breaks up the social ties that bound people together in traditional societies.

Why do media need money?

Mass media needs a great deal of money to do its work, thus most television channels and newspapers are part of big business houses. One way in which mass media earns is by advertising various products, property, job opportunities etc.

Why media is not interested in covering small issues that involve ordinary people and their daily life?

Q8: Why media is not interested in covering small issues that involve ordinary people and their daily lives? Ans: Because these issues cannot attract lot of reader or viewer and this may affect their business. Also sometimes because of some political control over media such news are not highlighted.

How is the Modernisation of media beneficial for us?

Answer. Explanation: Advertising dollars fund most media. Networks aim programming at the largest possible audience because the broader the appeal, the greater the potential purchasing audience and the easier selling air time to advertisers becomes.

How are media and big business linked to each other explain?

Big Business Houses and Media are interrelated. The media indirectly connects the common people to big business houses. These big business houses pay the media firm to advertise their products and services. Their advertisements are then shown on television, newspaper, radio, etc.

How does Modernisation contribute to development?

Modernisation theory underpinned the idea of development as growth, with modernisation defined as a linear path towards a developed industrial society. Economic development through industrial transformation would lead to economic growth, allowing poorer countries to catch up with industrial countries.

How Modernisation can affect a person’s culture?

Modernisation, a phenomenon linked to the emergence of sophisticated machinery, improved technology and other structures that make life to be convenient, has influenced family life in terms of its socio-economic conditions, cultural values, education and communication.

Is there a relationship between media and money give reason for your answer?

Answer. Yes because media in india works in favour of the person/party who gives them money. In total, media is being controlled by bodies and they are being given money to do so.

Why is local media important class 7?

Answer: Local media covers small Issues that involve ordinary people and their daily lives. It is usually started by local groups. Several people use community radio to tell farmers about the prices of different crops and advise them on the use of seeds and fertilisers.

What are the ways in which mass media on money?

Mass media are able to make money through advertising, communicating the required information to citizens through various links, apps such as YouTube, television involving news channels, distributing pamphlets, blogs etc.

What are the characteristics of modernization?

9 Most Important Characteristics of Modernisation

  1. Application of technology and mechanisation:
  2. Industrialisation:
  3. Urbanisation:
  4. Rise in national and per capital Income:
  5. Increase in Literacy:
  6. Political participation:
  7. 7. Development of Mass-Media techniques:
  8. Social Mobility:

What has enabled us to think of ourselves as members of a larger global world?

Ans. Television has enabled us to think of ourselves as members of a larger global world. Television images travel huge distances through satellites and cables. This allows us to view news and entertainment channels from other parts of the world.

What are the effects of modernization on education?

The modernization helped us see and dream for better living, better house, better life style and it directly directed towards education. Better and higher education is normally considered to be the base to fulfil the dreams through a better job and hence better earning.

How does changing technology help media reach more people Class 7?

How does changing technology help media to reach more people? Answer: Changing technology, or machines, and making technology more modern, helps media to reach more people. It also improves the quality of sound and the images that we see.

How does modernization affect the ecosystem?

Effect of modernization on different ecosystem: Because of increasing modernization and urbanization, lots of forest covers and grasslands are being destroyed and the aquatic habitats are being polluted to the core. This destroys habitats of wildlife and various aquatic species.

What is media and money?

Modern mass media needs expensive technology and experts. Media companies make money from advertisements that are repeated to make people buy different things and services.

What are the disadvantages of the rapid modernization?

The negative effects of modernization span economic, social and even psychological borders. The growth of trade and technology, which ultimately makes the mass production of food, clothing and other material goods possible, certainly makes shopping, especially on a budget, easier and much more realistic.

What is the primary income of mass media?

The major source of revenue for mass media is advertising. Advertisements in electronic media: There are lot of advertisements regarding cars, clothes, FMCG (fast moving consumer goods), etc. that are broadcast on radio and television when we are watching news/serials/ cricket matches, etc.