How much does a 49er cheerleader get paid?

How much does a 49er cheerleader get paid?

According to information from various data sources, the average NFL cheerleader salary is $150 per game day. They also receive about $50 – $75 for one public appearance. The cheerleaders’ job is more like performing. To get those sexy and hot performances, they had to go through a lot of things.

How much does a NFL cheerleader make a year?

During an NFL season, a professional cheerleader can earn between $8000-15000. As their years of service increase, so does their amount. Most girls who work up to their fifth year reach the maximum salary of their career. The average cheerleader pay can go up to $75,000 a year with $500 for a game day.

Which NFL cheerleader makes the most money?

Supporting NFL Cheerleaders Yearly Salary ($20,000)

Highest Paid NFL Cheerleaders In Year 2022
Teams Per Hour Salary Yearly Earnings
Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders $15 – $20 $75,000
Denver Broncos Cheerleaders $15 – $20 $75,000
Detroit Lions Cheerleaders $15 – $20 $75,000

What do NFL Waterboys make?

$53,000 per year
On average, NFL waterboys make $53,000 per year (according to However, that’s just the salary for beginners. For professionals, their salary can be higher as any other highest paid NFL waterboy.

Is a Dallas Cowboy cheerleader a full time job?

May 25th is the deadline to submit dance and kickline performances. Is being a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader a full-time job? No, most Cheerleaders hold part-time or full-time jobs or attend college.

Can an NFL player date a cheerleader?

With regard to their personal lives, they are discouraged from “fraternizing” with players and both players and cheerleaders are advised not to date each other. There are, however, those who go against this guideline. Plenty of players and cheerleaders have hooked up, dated and a few have married.

Who is the richest Dallas Cowboy cheerleader?

10 Famous Former NFL Cheerleaders Who Are Worth A Fortune

  • 5 Brandi Redmond, Dallas Cowboys – $4 Million.
  • 4 Stacey Keibler, Baltimore Ravens – $4.5 Million.
  • 3 Lisa Guerrero, Los Angeles Rams – $7 Million.
  • 2 Phyllis Smith, Arizona Cardinals – $7 Million.
  • 1 Teri Hatcher, San Francisco 49ers – $50 Million.

How much do cheerleaders get paid?

Some cheerleaders are paid monthly salaries ranging from $1000 to $1,500 with the higher end of the scale being reserved for those with extensive cheerleading experience.

Are there cheerleaders in NFL games?

NFL players aren’t the only ones who take the field on game day to showcase their talents in front of fans, the cheerleaders around the league are out there with them during every home game as well.

How many hours a week do cheerleaders work?

Cheerleaders who are newly appointed have additional practice time. Normally, an NFL cheerleader’s salary is set for working 8 hours per day for home games or even on Sundays. However, NFL cheerleaders work 8 hours per week.

What qualities do you need to be a cheerleader?

They must be in good shape and have enough endurance to lift several hundred pounds repeatedly. They also must be able to work in close proximity to their teammates. During their auditions, cheerleaders must show that they are polite and respectful of others’ feelings. The following qualities are required of aspiring cheerleaders.