How much does Nyjah Huston make a year?

How much does Nyjah Huston make a year?

His annual income turns out to be almost $800,000 adding up all of his achievements, sponsorships, and endorsement deals.

What are all of Nyjah Huston sponsors?

Sponsorship. As of January 2021, Huston is sponsored by Nike SB, Diamond Supply Co., Ricta Wheels, Monster Energy, Social CBD, Doritos, Mob Grip, Mountain Dew, flatbread Neapolitan pizzeria, Urban Plates and Adapt Technology.

What company does Nyjah ride for?

Disorder Skateboards
Nyjah Huston’s new skateboarding brand, Disorder Skateboards, restocked after initial boards sold [+] Disorder launched a new Olympic graphic; it’s the deck Huston will ride at the Olympics.

Is Tony Hawk a millionaire?

“That was one of the smartest things I ever did, because it definitely put my money away [and] made it grow eventually,” Hawk told the outlet in 2018. He was only 17 when the home purchase was made. As of March 2022, Tony Hawk is believed to have a net worth of $140million, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

What size trucks does nyjah use?

Get your grind game on point with a strong 8.0″ wide axle and all white hanger and the Thunder Sonora 147 High skateboard truck.

How old was nyjah when pro?

age 11
At age 11, he went pro. With dreadlocks down to his feet (his famous young look), he premiered at the X Games, scoring a New York Times profile and gaining a reputation as a preteen prodigy. In the span of 15 years, between X Games and the Olympics, Huston would win 17 gold medals, 7 silvers, and 2 bronzes.

What size wheels does nyjah ride?

Ricta Skateboard Wheels Nyjah Huston 99A 52mm.

How many sponsors does Nyjah Huston have?

Nyjah Huston Net Worth, Endorsements, Parents, Career Achievements and more

Name Nyjah Huston
Net Worth $12 million
Residence USA
Endorsements Nike, Monster Energy, Doritos
Relationship status Single