How much does RETNA art cost?

How much does RETNA art cost?

What is the value of RETNA art? RETNA’s art can command anywhere from $10,000 – $90,000+ for his large acrylic paintings. Smaller work, like his skate deck series or his scarf for Louis Vuitton, can be had for $500 or more.

What are three characteristics of Keith Haring’s artwork?

Cartoon-like style: Haring’s art had a colorful, cartoon-like style. Social commentary: Haring was a social activist and a strong advocate for the LGBTQ community, AIDS awareness, and anti-racism.

What does RETNA art mean?

Retna is one of a handful of today’s Street Artists with a background in graffiti taking the art form into the abstract, making it feel genuinely fresh and forward-looking.

What is Margraves RETNA?

Launching a new exhibit titled “Margraves.” LA-born artist RETNA (Marquis Duriel Lewis) continues to push the boundaries of graffiti with his signature, bold calligraphy motifs. Blackletter, Egyptian hieroglyphics, and the Arabic alphabet are just a few typographical references that make up the artist’s unique script.

What was the price of the most expensive auctioned artwork sold in 2011?

A similar example by the artist, 1949-A-No. 1, set the artist’s record at $61.8 million at Sotheby’s in 2011.

What is Keith Haring’s style of art?

Contemporary art
Pop art
Keith Haring/Periods

How would you describe Keith Haring’s artwork?

His paintings are considered part of the general contemporary art movement, rather than the ‘figuration libre’ (free figuration) movement. Haring’s signature style consisted of the continuous repetition of stylised shapes in bright, vibrant colours and outlined in black on different media.

How did RETNA come up with his name?

He got his name from a Wu-Tang Clang song ‘ By simply swapping the spelling of retina to RETNA, the internationally renowned street artist was born.

How did RETNA start doing street art?

RETNA (Marquis Duriel Lewis) was born in Los Angeles in 1979. He first began participating in the graffiti and mural art scene during high school, when he became the leader of one of the biggest graffiti collectives in Los Angeles.

How did Retna start doing street art?

What did Keith Haring’s graffiti work do?

While many of his colourful figures have instant commercial appeal, much of the work of Keith Haring revolved around themes of politics, sexuality, war, religion and AIDS, largely in response to the street culture Haring experienced in New York City.