How much does RPEQ cost?

How much does RPEQ cost?

An annual fee of $96 applies to maintain NER registration. By meeting NER requirements and registration through RPEQ you demonstrate that you meet the minimum legal requirements to practice under the Professional Engineers Act in Queensland, which provides confidence to the community and employers.

How do I get a RPEQ?

RPEQ is a legislated title, awarded by the BPEQ. To achieve the title, you need to have your qualifications and competency assessed by an approved assessment entity – APEA. RPEng is a national title awarded exclusively to members of The Association of Professional Engineers Australia (APEA).

Do I need RPEQ?

Yes. If you are an engineer from interstate or overseas carrying out a professional engineering service for a Queensland-based project, you are required to be a RPEQ, or be directly supervised by a RPEQ.

Is CPEng a qualification?

The CPEng qualification is internationally benchmarked, indicating the individual engineer has proven their current competence to practise as a professional engineer.

How do I renew my RPEQ?


  1. Visit. Visit
  2. Sign in. Sign in to ‘My Account’ using RPEQ number and chosen password.
  3. Click. Click the ‘Renew Now’ button found under your general profile information.
  4. Answer.

How do I become a registered engineer in Qld?

Competency: have a minimum of five years working as an engineer and carrying out professional engineering services under the guidance and direct supervision of another RPEQ. Continuing Professional Development: minimum 150 structured CPD hours completed over the previous three years.

What is CPEng?

CPEng, (Chartered Professional Engineer), is a Government-backed mark of quality indicating the individual engineer has proven their current competence to practice as a professional engineer within New Zealand.

Do engineers need to be registered in Qld?

It is a legal requirement for professional engineers to register with the Board of Professional Engineers before they can practise as a professional engineer in Queensland. Engineers must be a Registered Professional Engineer of Queensland (RPEQ) to provide engineering services.

How much does a Chartered Engineer earn in Australia?

Chartered Engineer: CEng (Engineering Council) Jobs by Salary

Job Title Range Average
Senior Electrical Engineer Range:AU$92k – AU$170k Average:AU$133,045
Sr. Geotechnical Engineer Range:AU$96k – AU$147k Average:AU$115,265
Principal Engineer, Structural Range:AU$120k – AU$196k Average:AU$152,798

Do chartered engineers earn more?

Engineers whose experience has enabled them to achieve registered Chartered Engineer status (CEng) under the Engineering Council will be earning salaries significantly higher than the averages across engineering in the above table.

What is RPEQ certification?

The Registered Professional Engineer Queensland (RPEQ) certification provides client and public confidence that a RPEQ certified design has been professionally examined and audited for assessment of its intended purpose, the quality of the design (and manufacture, where applicable), associated risks, as well as the …

What does an RPEQ do?

The RPEQ system of registering and regulating professional engineers in Queensland is designed to ensure a high standard of competence, ethical and professional conduct in engineers who are relied upon by the regulator to uphold and discharge a duty of care.