How much is Killzone: Mercenary on PS Vita?

How much is Killzone: Mercenary on PS Vita?

Killzone: Mercenary Playstation Vita

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eBay $49.99

Is PS Vita Slim discontinued?

Sony technically discontinued the PS Vita in 2019, so it’s unlikely you’ll be able to source a brand new unit in 2021, although we’re sure there are a few seals systems out there. You’re more likely to be purchasing the portable second-hand from a reseller like GameStop, CEX, or eBay.

Is Killzone: Mercenary still online 2021?

As confirmed by through Sony support, the platform holder has shut down Killzone: Mercenary’s online servers, seemingly for good, without a warning. For reference, Mercenary was one of the Vita’s marquee (and frankly, upper echelon) first-party games from 2013 on, and people were still playing it.

Are Killzone: Mercenary servers still up?

Killzone: Mercenary’s servers were shut down without warning, completely removing the online multiplayer portion of the celebrated PS Vita exclusive. The online servers for Killzone: Mercenary, one of the PlayStation Vita’s most celebrated exclusive titles, have been unexpectedly shut down without any advance notice.

Is PS Vita worth buying in 2021?

No, the playstation vita is not worth it in 2021 for the games, especially since most are getting ports with the exception of Gravity rush, which is the only reason why the console is worth it.

Is Killzone Shadowfall still active?

Still, thanks to the fact that Killzone’s official website has been shut down, aspects of the game like its clan system will forever remain completely inaccessible.

What happened mercenary online?

It was highly popular back then but was forced to stop its service in 2015 due to internal problems within the game’s now defunct local publisher, Massive Gaming. It was then published in North America as ZMR (Zombies Monster Robots) by En Masse Entertainment and was shut down in 2017.