How much is Kirk Hammett guitar?

How much is Kirk Hammett guitar?

The electric guitar Kirk Hammett used in Metallica’s One music video has sold for $112,500 to an anonymous buyer at auction. The ESP 400 Series S-Type – which sports a natural finish, rosewood slab neck and Kirk Hammett’s signature in silver ink on the body – was listed via Heritage Auctions last week.

Is Kirk Hammett with ESP?

Hammett will receive a range of instruments across both Gibson and Epiphone. The Metallica guitarist will continue being an ESP artist. The full details about these signature guitars are forthcoming.

What is Kirk Hammett favorite guitar?

ESP KH2 M-II “The Mummy” This is noted as Kirk’s favorite guitar. It’s a Kirk Hammett signature model made by ESP and based on the M-II. He got it in 1996, just prior to recording the “Load” album.

Does Kirk Hammett play Ltd guitars?

What Guitars Does Kirk Hammett Use? Kirk Hammett is known for playing ESP LTD guitars. He is also well known as the current owner of the infamous 1959 Gibson Les Paul Standard known as “Greeny”, which was previously owned by both Peter Green and subsequently Gary Moore before coming into Kirk’s possession.

What brand guitar does Kirk Hammett use?

Guitar-wise, Hammett has used Gibson Flying Vs, his Fernandes Strat copy, aka Edna, and he famously is the owner of the late Peter Green and Gary Moore’s 1959 Gibson Les Paul, “Greeny,” which he now plays live where he might once have used his black Les Paul Custom.

How much is the greeny Les Paul worth?

$2 million
It was purchased by Phil Winfield at Maverick Music and, reportedly, later put up for sale on the company’s website for $2 million. After that it was owned by one or more private collectors before Hammett purchased it in 2014 from Richard Henry Guitars.

Who owns Greeny guitar?

Kirk Hammett
And the ’59 burst known as Greeny – made famous by Fleetwood Mac legend Peter Green, later played by Irish blues-rock great Gary Moore and, since 2014, owned by Metallica’s Kirk Hammett, who has made it a staple of his work with Metallica – is one of the crown jewels of what is already a beloved model.