How much should a shorkie cost?

How much should a shorkie cost?

$300 to $1,000
The average price of a Shorkie pup ranges from $300 to $1,000. However, any Shorkie owner would whole-heartedly agree that these feisty pooches are worth every penny.

Is it hard to potty train a shorkie?

Training Your Shorkie Like any other companion dog breed, Shorkies have a feisty temperament, and they tend to be a little stubborn. House-training can take some time, and so does crate training.

What to Know Before Getting a shorkie?

15 Things You Should Know Before Getting A Shorkie (A Shih Tzu Yorkie Mix)

  • The Shorkie Mix Is Considered A Designer Dog.
  • The Shorkie Is A Mix Between the Shih Tzu and The Yorkshire Terrier.
  • Shorkie Dogs Can Be Both Affectionate and Mischievous.
  • Shorkie Dogs Are Excellent Dogs For Allergy Sufferers.

Do Shorkies like to be held?

As far as house-training and other obedience skills, Shorkies tend to have a strong desire to please, but an attention span that isn’t supportive of your goals. Short training sessions work best for these easily distracted dogs. Positive reinforcement should be your method of choice for this sensitive breed.

What’s the lifespan of a shorkie?


height 6-11 inches
weight 5-12 pounds
life span 11-16 years
breed size small (0-25 lbs.)
good with children seniors dogs cats families

Is a shorkie a small dog?

But, in general, a Shorkie tends to be a small dog that is dedicated to their family and is loving, affectionate, and playful. Although this designer breed is not currently recognized by the American Kennel Club, they are recognized by other notable dog organizations.

How to train a shorkie puppy?

Puppy training classes are recommended, especially for first-time owners who may find training this dog to be a challenge. These classes can be a good idea anyway as they often offer opportunities to socialize a puppy. The Shorkie has a low-shedding coat that is silky, soft, and relatively long.

How big does a full grown shorkie get?

Whether indoors or outdoors, your Shorkie will be happy to be active with you. A fully-grown Shorkie usually stands 6-14 inches tall at the shoulder and weighs 7-15 pounds. A Shorkie generally lives 12-15 years.

Are shorkies good apartment dogs?

Shorkies are highly adaptable dog breeds. Their small size means they are a great fit for apartment living as well as larger homes. They tend to do well in most climates. But, due to their small size, they may need to bundle up in the winter to stay warm.