Is bhedaghat worth visiting?

Is bhedaghat worth visiting?

Its was a wonderful place. enjoyed a lot. the marble rocks are spectacular and the boating experience was particularly memorable. Also, do visit the cruise at Bargi Dam not far away from Jabalpur (30 kms).

Where is Marble waterfall?

The Falls. The Dhuandhar Falls are located on the Narmada River in Bhedaghat and are 30 meters high. The Narmada River, making its way through the world-famous Marble Rocks, narrows down and then plunges into a waterfall known as Dhuandhar.

How is bhedaghat?

Bhedaghat is famous for the high marble rocks making a valley through which river Narmada flows. The place also has a beautiful waterfall, known as Dhuandhar Falls (literally meaning a stream of smoke, because of its appearance). There are some more spots of tourist interest near the location.

Which is the best time to visit bhedaghat?

September to March
September to March This is the best time to visit Bhedaghat as the temperatures are temperate and range from 5 to 29 degree Celsius.

Is boating allowed in bhedaghat? rainy season boating not allowed in bhedaghat.

Where is Yenna waterfall?

Major Waterfalls in India

Yenna fall Mahabaleshwar in Maharashtra
Dudhsagar fall On Mondovi river in Goa
Gokak fall A horseshoe shaped waterfall, located at Belgaum district of Karnataka on river Gokak
Mekedaatu fall At river Kaveri in Bangaluru (Karnataka)

Which waterfall is called cloud of mist?

Dhuadhar Falls is not only in Jabalpur but it is an important place of tourism in whole of Madhya Pradesh. The shade of this fall falling from a height of 10 meters is unique. It originates from Narmada river. This picturesque episode comes out of the famous marble rocks.

Which is the best time to visit Bhedaghat?

Is bhedaghat boating open now?

Due to rainy season the boating remains closed from 15 June to 15 Sept. over a year ago. over a year ago. rainy season boating not allowed in bhedaghat.

How many days are sufficient for Bhedaghat?

1 or two days r sufficient. Main attractions returns Bhedaghat n Bargi Dam, which can be cover in a day.