Is HKUST a good school?

Is HKUST a good school?

HKUST was ranked No. 56 globally among 1,500 universities and No. 3 in the world’s top 400 young universities by Times Higher Education (THE) in 2021. Our Schools also fly high individually.

What is Science Group A HKUST?

SSCI-A. HKUST’s School of Science offers two general School-based program choices for JUPAS applicants – i.e. Science (Group A) program (JS5102) and Science (Group B) program (JS5103). Science (Group A) program is tailor-made for those students who are interested in the fields of Physical Science.

How much is the application fee for HKUST?

Pay Application Fee Upon completion of online payment of the application fee (HKD 450, i.e. ~USD60), an acknowledgement of application submission will be displayed on the system, and you will also receive an acknowledgement email.

How can I get admission in HKUST?

Apply to the HKUST Postgraduate Programs (including admission to HKUST Guangzhou Pilot Scheme) by taking the following simple steps:

  1. Explore HKUST Postgraduate Opportunities. Browse PG Programs.
  2. Prepare for Your Application. Check Application Deadlines.
  3. Apply Online.
  4. Check Your Application Status.
  5. Accept Your Offer.

Is Hong Kong university of Science and Technology Good?

In 2019, the university was ranked seventh in Asia by QS and third by The Times, and around top 40 internationally. It was ranked 27th in the world and second in Hong Kong by QS 2021. It also ranked first in Times Higher Education Young University Rankings in 2019 and second by QS world’s under-50 universities in 2020.

Is HKU and HKUST the same?

HKUST is much better than HKU, frankly what is there to think about? Between the two, HKUST is a better school and also enjoys a higher ranking in the MBA programme.

Should I study abroad in Hong Kong?

It is also among the world’s leading international financial centres, thus attracting many expats around the world for work opportunities. Combined with the city’s excellent connectivity to China and the west, Hong Kong is truly an ideal study abroad destination for international students.

What is science group A and B Hkust?

The Science (Group A) Program is tailor-made for students with a particular interest in physical science. The Science (Group B) Program is better suited to students interested in the fields of chemistry and life science.

What is a group and B group in science?

Group A students have mathematics whereas Group B students have Biology. These two subjects are the major determinants of further career prospects. Group A students are most likely to pursue engineering (civil, mechanical, computer science, etc). These students also opt for degrees in the subjects of their choice.