Is Lin still in love with Tenzin?

Is Lin still in love with Tenzin?

Canon. Tenzin and Lin dated at some point in the past. They have known each other since they were children due to the fact that their parents were good friends. At some point, Tenzin and Lin started to grow apart and their romantic relationship began to crumble apart because they had different goals in life.

Who does Lin marry in Legend of Korra?

Tenzin offered Lin comfort and a higher level of trust was reached between the two. However, their romantic relationship ended, partially because Tenzin wanted children while Lin did not and partially because of Lin’s abrasive nature. Tenzin ultimately married, while Lin remained unmarried.

Who was Tenzin in love with?

That puts Tenzin at 39, Pema at 23, and Lin at 38. Tenzin and Lin grew up together. They were probably happily in love for some time, and planned on living a long life together.

Who is Toph’s lover?

Kanto. At some point before 120 AG, Toph became romantically involved with a man named Kanto, with whom she had a daughter, Lin.

Is Lin and Kya canon?

Canon. While Kya and Lin never have on-screen interactions, they do have a shared past. Their parents, Avatar Aang and Toph Beifong, were close friends and Lin once dated Kya’s brother Tenzin.

Who is Tenzin’s wife?

Pema is the wife of Tenzin and the mother of their four children: Jinora, Ikki, Meelo, and Rohan.

Are Kya and Lin together?

I think that though Kya and Lin don’t have any scenes together in the show, they make so much more sense. As children and adults they were probably good friends, considering how close their parents were. Later, in Turf Wars, Kya is confirmed to be lesbian, and she is also single.

Who is Toph wife?

In the years between The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra, Toph never married — but she did have two daughters from two different fathers. Her eldest, Lin, followed in her footsteps to become the stern yet heroic chief of police in Republic City.

Why does Lin have a scar?

After Suyin dismissed her, Lin tried to apprehend her by snagging her wrist with a cable. While trying to stop Suyin running away, her line was cut by her exasperated sibling, resulting in it snapping back and scarring Lin’s face.

When did Tenzin and Lin break up?

It’s made evident in the 3rd season that Lin didn’t like how her mother raised her. The theory: Lin could not commit to being a mother because she was afraid she would end up like her own and couldn’t go through that kind of hurt. Tenzin, needing to have children, had no choice but to end things with Lin.

Does Tenzin love Pema?

Tenzin and Pema. Pema and Tenzin got to know each other at Air Temple Island, where she was part of the Air Acolytes that had moved there to learn the ways of the Air Nomads. At that time, Tenzin was in a relationship with Lin Beifong, but Pema fell in love with him nonetheless.