Is much more better grammatically correct?

Is much more better grammatically correct?

It’s not “correct” in standard English, but it is fairly common slang to say “more better” (or, quite often, “mo’ better”). “Much, much better” and “far better” are “correct” formal alternatives, with “way better” being only slightly informal. Much better is already emphatic.

How can I use much more?

Much More / Many More + Noun Use much more before a noncount noun for emphasis on a greater amount. People have much more knowledge about eating right. People eat much more food than they should. How much more fiber does a banana have?

What can I say instead of much more?

What is another word for much more?

a lot more very much more
so much more far more
appreciably more considerably more
immeasurably more many more
noticeably more significantly more

What does that much more mean?

It means: that much sweeter. Whatever something already is, it will be even more that way: the idiom is: that much more so, where the so refers to the state or quality of the thing being intensified.

Is much more grammatically correct?

You use “much more” in front of an uncountable noun. Another example: I need much more time to do this job. On the other hand, you use “many more” in front of plural nouns such as I have many more friends in this city.

What is the difference between much more and many?

‘Much’ and ‘more’ are two terms that are used to denote quantity. However, the two terms differ in the manner that they can be used. The main difference between the two is that ‘many’ is mainly used to denote quantity, a certain number, whereas ‘more’ is used to denote additional or a greater quantity than before.

Is much less grammatically correct?

You use much less after a statement, often a negative one, to indicate that the statement is more true of the person, thing, or situation that you are going to mention next. They are always short of water to drink, much less to bathe in.

Is much more easier grammatically correct?

Senior Member. “Much easier” is correct. So is “much more easily”. “Much more easier” is incorrect but it is a common mistake, even by native speakers.

Is it much better or more better?

“much better” is correct, meaning “a lot better” or “a great deal better”. For example: “I feel much better now” or “I am much better at English than I am at mathematics”. “more better” and “much more better” are incorrect.

Is it much less or much more?

The phrase “much less” should instead be used in the sentence above. However, “much more” is correctly used in the sentence below: I would help even an enemy if he were in distress, much more a friend.

Can you say much fewer?

In current usage, “many fewer” is more common than “much fewer” Both much fewer and many fewer are used today in formal written English; apparently much fewer was originally the only form used, but many fewer is more common nowadays.

Is more colder grammatically correct?

You cannot use more closer.