Is Neon Genesis Evangelion traumatizing?

Is Neon Genesis Evangelion traumatizing?

The series deconstructs its casts’ traumas while subjecting them to ever-escalating torment and investigating the pain that comes with human connection. It’s also quite brutal, the violence isn’t simple cartoon violence, it’s bloody, visceral, and frightening.

What does LCL smell like?

like blood
It is stated several times in the series that LCL smells “like blood”. LCL is, in fact, the blood of the Second Angel, Lilith, which is restrained in the deepest level of NERV HQ, “Terminal Dogma”.

Is Neon Genesis Evangelion sexist?

There is a lot of sexism in all media, but Evangelion has really struggled with how some of its depiction of women has been handled. Now, to give it credit, for the time it was released, it was fairly progressive.

Why is Neon Genesis Evangelion so disturbing?

That’s because Neon Genesis Evangelion is a kaleidoscope of psychological horror and a philosophical monologue under the guise of a mecha anime. Anyone who looks is risking their innocence and optimism. In hindsight, that’s to be expected in an anime where traumatized children are forced to fight apocalyptic beings.

Is Neon Genesis Evangelion dark?

Neon Genesis Evangelion balances its narrative with a light, introductory first half and a dark, thoughtful second half.

Why is the sea red Evangelion?

All of the facility’s water is colored in red as a nod to a major event in the anime that caused the oceans to run red with blood — the “Second Impact.” For a little background on the anime, the “Second Impact” was a cataclysmic event that happened in Antarctica, triggered by an experiment led by Dr.

What age should you watch Neon Genesis Evangelion?

Great show! I think that this is appropriate for a 9 year old but i would wait until your child is 11 before letting him the the movie(End of evangelion).

Why is NGE so popular?

But its deliberate subversion of anime conventions and audience expectations was what made it so popular. In Japan, Evangelion spawned countless anime tropes, and moreover provided a template for integrating stylish genre tropes with serious themes, high artistic aspirations, and deep characterization.

Is Evangelion a horror?

It reveals the horror of untreated trauma and the havoc it can unleash on one’s life. It ruminates on the pain of loneliness and what it means to struggle with depression and anxiety. Evangelion is a story about children who carry tremendous hurt in their hearts and are desperate to feel some semblance of warmth.