Is Tamar back with Vince?

Is Tamar back with Vince?

Because for 16 years, we’ve been together and been best friends, and I think what we had to revert back to is remembering that we were friends first and it took a little while,” she told Entertainment Tonight. The “Love & War” singer credits family therapy with getting them back on track.

How much is Vince and Tamar worth?

In 2012, Vincent began starring on “Tamar & Vince” with his wife. The show was a spinoff of “Braxton Family Values,” and it aired 44 episodes over five seasons….Vincent Herbert Net Worth.

Net Worth: $3 Million
Gender: Male
Profession: Television producer, Songwriter, Record producer
Nationality: United States of America

How much weight has Vincent Herbert lost?

Tamar Braxton: Despite Husband Vince Herbert’s 100-Lb. Weight Loss, ‘I Like a Little Meat on My Man’s Bones’ Tamar Braxton is happy her husband is feeling great after dropping nearly 100 lbs., but she still sometimes misses his old body.

Who does Vincent Herbert manage?

He has worked with artists such as Aaliyah, Tatyana Ali, Toni Braxton, Destinee & Paris, Destiny’s Child, Dream, Hi-Five, JoJo, Mindless Behavior, OMG Girlz, Mishon Ratliff as well as Lady Gaga and his ex-wife, Tamar Braxton.

Who has custody of Logan Herbert?

Tamar Braxton, and Vincent Herbert, called off their marriage in October 2017 after nearly nine years together. They share custody of their 8-year-old son and only child,, Logan, who was born on July 6, 2013. Logan’s first birthday was celebrated at Disneyland by his mother.

Who is the richest Braxton sister?

Toni Braxton is the richest Braxton sister. With a string of No. 1 R&B hits — including “Unbreak My Heart,” “Another Sad Love Song,” and “Breathe Again” — Toni Braxton has sold more than 67 million records (of which more than 40 million of them are album sales) worldwide.

Is Tamar and Vincent Herbert still married?

Braxton and Herbert were married for nine years. Their son, Logan Vincent Herbert, was born in 2013. Braxton filed for divorce in 2017 and the two now share custody.

How old is Logan Herbert?

He was born on July 6, 2013. He is spotted various times with his mother in public. His mother is a well-known artist who has worked on TV shows like Braxton Family Values, The Soul Man, Tamar, Vince, etc. Tamar is one of the successful family members on their reality show.

What disease does Traci Braxton have?

Esophageal Cancer
Traci Braxton — who was known for her reality TV show with sisters Towanda, Trina, Tamar, and Toni Braxton — died after undergoing treatment for a year, her husband said.