Is the Thames at risk of flooding?

Is the Thames at risk of flooding?

The highest risk of river flooding is in outer and west London, and comes from tributaries of the Thames or the non-tidal Thames.

When did the River Thames flood?

7 January 1928
The 1928 Thames flood was a disastrous flood of the River Thames that affected much of riverside London on 7 January 1928, as well as places further downriver….1928 Thames flood.

Thames flood level markers at Trinity Hospital, Greenwich. The marker on the right is for 1928
Formed 6 to 7 January 1928
Fatalities 14

Why is the Thames overflowing?

Strong winds drive surge tides south towards the Thames estuary. When a storm surge combines with a particularly high tide in the North Sea, extra water is forced back up the Thames, causing floods. The ten steel gates that form the barrier span 520 meters across the river.

How long until London is underwater?

As homeowners and businesses struggled to deal with the devastation caused yet again, the events were a stark reminder of projections from the non-profit news organisation Climate Central that parts of London were at risk of being underwater by 2050. Just 29 years away.

What caused the River Thames to flood 2014?

The flooding in the three north-west Boroughs of Surrey was predominately due to the Thames. It was caused by unprecedented rainfall during the winter 2013/2014 period (275% in Surrey compared with an average winter).

How often does the River Thames flood?

Historically, the major floods in the upper Thames watershed have occurred from January to April; however, flooding is possible at any time of the year. More recent floods include March 1977, September 1986, July 2000, April 2008, December 2008, and February 2018.

What would happen if the Thames flooded?

In the event of a mega-flood, the curvy nature of the Thames would disappear and almost all the land to the coast would be swamped. It would crawl out over the city. Absolutely, and it would be about a metre deep. Low-lying areas would be a problem, like Woolwich.

How long will the Thames Barrier last?

The Barrier will continue to provide that protection until at least 2070, but as we see the effect of the climate emergency with rising sea levels we’re investing a further £54m in London, providing funding to more than 50 schemes to tackle all sources of flooding.