Was Parasite filmed on a set?

Was Parasite filmed on a set?

Much of “Parasite” was filmed on movie sets. But the idea for the Parks’ home and the Kims’ sub-basement apartment came from real neighborhoods in Seoul. A sub-basement apartment is a usually small, dark apartment built partly underground. Ahyeon-dong is one of the last of the poor areas near downtown Seoul.

Where was Parasite set?

A social satire, Parasite revolves around two families from Seoul who come from strikingly different backgrounds – one who lives in poverty, and one who lives comfortably in the richer part of the city.

Was Parasite filmed in a real house?

Unfortunately, the clean and crisp Park house, designed by fictional architect Namgoong Hyeonja, is not a real building. The crew of Parasite constructed the house at the studios in Goyang and had to create an array of sets that would form the central location in the film.

What house was used in Parasite?

The chief location, the Parks’ house (pictured above), was constructed specially for the film in two parts, the ground floor and garden created on an outdoor lot, and the first floor and basement on a stage.

Where in Seoul was Parasite filmed?

Mapo District, where the supermarket is located, is also home to a few tourist spots including the Seoul Trickeye Museum and Mapo Oil Tank Culture Park — a former oil depot that’s been transformed into a beautiful public space.

Do Korean homes have bunkers?

Fearing an escalation, in 1970 the South Korean government updated its building codes, requiring all newly built low-rise apartment buildings to have basements to serve as bunkers in case of a national emergency.

Do South Korean houses have bunkers?

What is in the basement in Parasite?

We reach the crescendo of the film when the Park family go on a camping trip and the Kim family let the former housekeeper Moon-gwang into the house, discovering that her husband Geun-se has been living in the basement to hide from loan sharks who are after him.

What is in the basement Parasite?

No one knows where Ki-taek went, but Ki-woo discovers that a light in the Parks’ house, where they have since moved out and another family has moved in, is flickering in Morse code. He deciphers the code and discovers that Ki-taek is alive and now living in the basement.

Where is the Beverly Hills of Seoul?

Pyeongchang-dong is a dong, neighbourhood of Jongno-gu in Seoul, South Korea. Sometimes called the “Beverly Hills” of Seoul, due to it being a preferred residential location for Korean celebrities, it still remains a common location used in Korean films and television.