What age is Junior Cotillion?

What age is Junior Cotillion?

The Junior Cotillion program is designed for 5th – 8th grade students.

What is a junior cotillion?

Welcome to the National League of Junior Cotillions® (NLJC®). Established in 1989, and growing steadily since, we are a team of directors nationwide who believe in intentionally teaching children courtesy and character in order to build confident, self-assured, and influential adults in our communities.

What grades are cotillion?


  • 8th Grade. The Eighth Grade Cotillion Program or “Premiere Program” builds upon the etiquette skills learned in Junior Cotillion and gives the students the opportunity to go out into the community and practice!
  • High School Cotillion (Grades 9-12)
  • Debutante (Grades 10-12)

How do you get to cotillion?

Proposed new Members must meet residency or school requirements. In order to be a Member of Cotillion Club of Sarasota, children must be in the 8th grade or higher, obtain a sponsor, reside or attend school in Sarasota County, and attend new Member orientation before their first season begins.

What happens at cotillion?

Cotillion is typically a season of etiquette classes for middle-school aged children that ends with a final dinner-dance where they get to show off what they’ve learned.

What is a black cotillion?

Debutante balls, or cotillions, are a centuries old tradition with roots in Europe as far back as the 1700s. The word “debutante” translates to female beginner in French, and refers to a young woman making her debut into polite society.

Is cotillion a southern thing?

It’s this dedication to good manners and common courtesy, perhaps, that’s made cotillion such a mainstay of Southern culture, where commitment to gracious behavior reigns supreme. For children, cotillion is another place where the manners and etiquette that Mama teaches at home can be publicly practiced and reinforced.

What dances are taught in cotillion?

Dance Education

  • Foxtrot.
  • Waltz.
  • Bachata.
  • Swing Hustle.
  • Specialty & Folk dances.

Why do girls go to cotillion?

Traditionally, cotillion balls were mainly held so that girls could find potential suitors. Today, that is no longer the case. Instead, they are mostly viewed as networking opportunities.

Are cotillions still a thing?

Cotillion classes are understandably still popular in the South—they’re an opportunity for children to learn all those manners and polite habits we highly value alongside their friends and classmates.

Who goes to cotillions?

Filipino-Style. Popular in the Philippines, a Cotillion is a formal choreographed group dance performed by young ladies and gentlemen. The dance is associated with a coming-of-age party when a girl turns 18.