What are the 4 Product Market Expansion Grid?

What are the 4 Product Market Expansion Grid?

The Product Market Expansion Grid offers four main suggested strategies: Market Penetration, Market Development, Product Development, and Diversification.

What are the four quadrants of Ansoff’s Matrix?

The Four Quadrants of the Ansoff Matrix

  • Market Penetration (lower left quadrant). This is the safest of the four options.
  • Product Development (lower right quadrant).
  • Market Development (upper left quadrant).
  • Diversification (upper right quadrant).

What is an example of market development?

Companies can also use a market development strategy to create a new product line to sell to new customers or upsell to existing customers. For example, the same company that produces cell phones might decide to start manufacturing smartwatches.

How do you use Ansoff’s growth matrix?

How to use an Ansoff Matrix

  1. Create your matrix. Using the tool of your choice, design your grid with each category, as described above.
  2. Consider your options. Next, plot the potential strategies you can pursue in each quadrant.
  3. Run a risk assessment.
  4. Plan for your risks.
  5. Select your approach.

What is an example of product development?

Following are some common examples of product development. Packing wheat flour in retail bags for household consumption. Packing cooking oil in retail pouches for household consumption. Converting land line phones into wireless handsets for easy portability and full-time access to communication.

How do you write an Ansoff Matrix?

How to create an Ansoff Matrix. You can create an Ansoff Matrix by making a four-quadrant grid that includes Market Penetration, Market Development, Product Development, and Diversification. The matrix should also show the overlap of new markets, existing markets, new products, and existing products for the quadrants.

How Ansoff’s matrix can be used to by an Organisation to Analyse their growth strategies?

The market penetration quadrant of the Ansoff matrix helps you determine strategies to sell more of your existing products or services to your existing customer base through aggressive promotion and distribution. Using this strategy, the organization tries to increase its market share in its current market scenario.

What is product expansion?

Product expansion is when companies grow their businesses by adopting a market expansion strategy. This is when a company will attempt to reach out to other markets after capturing the interest of their target market.