What does Batman mask represent?

What does Batman mask represent?

In The Dark Knight Rises, Bruce Wayne explains to Officer Blake that the mask was to “protect the people closest to [him]” and that “the idea was to be a symbol—Batman could be anybody.” For Scarecrow, the Joker, and Bane, the mask is not a symbol of anonymity but represents their individuality.

Does Batman have a mask?

Batman/Bruce Wayne’s mask is unique in terms of how superheroes and villains use their masks, while other characters such as Spider-Man and Superman use the mask to reveal or conceal a hyper-expressive identity. Batman’s mask is an amalgamation of his personas.

What is wrong with Bane’s face?

So during Talia’s escape the prisoners attacked Bane and tore his face apart. The doctors’ attempts to fix Bane’s face left him in incredible agony, therefore he has to wear the mask: to keep his face “in place” and to ease his pain.

Why does Batman show his mouth?

The answers for why he uses a mask which reveals his mouth are left to speculation including one of the most often mentioned: His fighting techniques need a adequate air supply best served by leaving his mouth open.

What’s under Bane’s mask?

He was injured early in his story. Hes suffering from pain and he needs gas to survive. He cannot survive the pain without the mask. The pipes from the mask go back along his jawline and feed into the thing at the back where there are two canisters of what ever it is…the anesthetic.

How do you make a Batman mask out of paper plates?

Make a Paper Plate Batman Mask

  1. Get a regular-sized dinner plate.
  2. Cut about half off, leaving a nose hole.
  3. Cut off the sides for the edges of the ears.
  4. Cut down from the top for the ears.
  5. Cut out the top.
  6. Cut eye holes.
  7. Start coloring with a Sharpie.
  8. Keep coloring–takes longer than you’d think!