What happened to Al-Anabi Racing?

What happened to Al-Anabi Racing?

The Qatar Racing Club has terminated funding for all motorsports activities in North America. This decision includes the two-car Al-Anabi Racing Team operated by Alan Johnson Racing, the team announced today.

What does Al-Anabi mean?

Other teams were named for tool companies or soft drinks. Theirs, Al-Anabi, means “Go Team Maroon” and would echo the rallying cry of Qatar, a petroleum-rich country of about a million people that’s roughly the size of Connecticut.

Who owns Bahrain racing?

Bahrain 1 Racing is a collaboration of Sheikh Abdullah, Justin Bond, Khalid AlBalooshi, Jeffrey Barker and Stevie ‘fast’ Jackson. Owned by Personal Representative of His Majesty the King Shaikh Abdullah bin Hamad Al Khalifa.

What is Brandon Bernstein doing now?

In 2020, Lucas Oil welcomed Brandon Bernstein as the Director of Partnership Marketing. In his role, Brandon is responsible for all Lucas Oil athlete sponsorships which support Lucas Oil’s grassroots racing initiatives.

What is Morgan Lucas doing now?

Morgan Lucas, son of company founders Forrest and Charlotte Lucas, has been named the president of Lucas Oil Products, a California-based distributor and manufacturer of motor oils and additives.

Does Morgan Lucas still race?

Morgan will continue to compete for the POWERade Series championship in his Top Fuel car. He’s also going after a Lucas Oil Series title in the Top Alcohol dragster class, and he’ll have a new teammate in J.R. Todd, who has five wins in his two years in the Top Fuel class.

How much is Forrest Lucas worth?

$300 million to $500 million
It’s totally one-off.” Lucas is the founder of Lucas Oil Products. His net worth is estimated at from $300 million to $500 million. He first saw Le Chateau in 2008, a couple of years after buying the naming rights for the Indianapolis Colts stadium.

Is Morgan Lucas still racing?

signals the end of the NHRA season, but this time it’s the end of the Morgan Lucas Racing (MLR) Top Fuel team. Lucas on Friday night informed his team, which features popular driver Richie Crampton and crew chief / car builder Aaron Brooks, of the decision to disband the Brownsburg, Ind.

Where is Kenny Bernstein?

Well, he’s certainly not hanging out at racetracks; anything but, in fact. Now 75, Bernstein and his wife Sheryl split their time between homes in western Colorado — they’re legal residents of the Centennial State — and southern California.

Who owns Lucas Oil Field?

Indiana Stadium and Convention Building AuthorityLucas Oil Stadium / Owner

What is Brandon Bernstein doing?

After losing his ride for Morgan Lucas Racing in 2013, Brandon became Al-Anabi Racing’s general manager. He is currently the GM for Alan Johnson Racing.