What happened to Roger Ridley?

What happened to Roger Ridley?

“Roger was a better singer than anybody I’ve ever heard since,” Johnson says. He’d sent Ridley a DVD of the finished “Stand By Me” that would soon make the Playing For Change Band a reality. But shortly after he saw it, Ridley died of a heart attack. His wife was devastated.

Where is Keb Mo from?

South Los Angeles, CAKeb’ Mo’ / Place of birthSouth Los Angeles, also known as South Central Los Angeles, is a region in southern Los Angeles County, lying mostly within the city limits of Los Angeles, south of downtown.
It is “defined on Los Angeles city maps as a 16-square-mile rectangle with two prongs at the south end.” Wikipedia

Where is Grandpa Elliott now?

Personal life. Small died in a hospital in Jefferson, Louisiana from complications of a skin infection on March 8, 2022, at the age of 77.

Who made the original song Stand By Me?

Ben E. King
Mike StollerJerry LeiberMichael Marino
Stand by Me/Composers

Is Alice Tan Ridley related to Roger Ridley?

An incredible tribute to Whitney Houston at Times Sq subway station by Roger Ridley’s sister Alice Tan Ridley and Ayanna Irish!!

Is Keb Mo married?

Robbie Brooks MooreKeb’ Mo’ / Spouse (m. 2006)

Is Keb Mo a twin?

The identical twins were born and raised in Peoria, Illinois and originally based in Brooklyn, but have been ultimately and profoundly shaped by indiscriminate rambling. They are the kind of people who have a story about everything, and moreso, one you might genuinely like to hear.

Is Grandpa Elliott dead?

March 8, 2022Grandpa Elliott / Date of death

Is Grandpa Elliott still alive in New Orleans?

“Grandpa” Elliott Small, a well-known New Orleans musician who could regularly be seen in his signature blue overalls, red shirt and floppy hat playing on the streets of the French Quarter, has died at the age of 77, his son announced Tuesday on Facebook.