What happened to the high school Football player that hit the ref?

What happened to the high school Football player that hit the ref?

The referee was evaluated for a concussion by medical personnel at the stadium. Duron was charged with Class A Assault and was jailed with a $10,000 bond. His team was removed from the playoffs and his coach reprimanded by the district.

What ever happened to Emmanuel Duron?

He’s currently booked in Hidalgo County Jail on a $50 thousand bond. In December 2020, Duron was seen tackling a referee during a high school football game between Edinburg High and Pharr-San Juan-Alamo (PSJA) High following Duron’s ejection from the game for unsportsmanlike conduct.

What happens if a ref gets hit?

What if the ball hits the referee and rolls into the net? If a soccer ball hits a referee and goes into the goal, then the goal does not stand and the score line does not change. In such instances, Law 8 stipulates that the referee will give a drop ball within the penalty area to the goalkeeper of the defending team.

Has a ref ever been knocked out?

An MMA referee was knocked out by an accidental kick to the head, before recovering to officiate the rest of the bout. Scott Marhardt, who was in charge of a bout during the IMMAF Super Cup semi-final between Mexico and Ireland, was standing at what seemed like a safe range away from the fighters.

Why was Emmanuel Duron ejected?

Duron was ejected from a game against Pharr-San-Juan Alamo for a late hit and unsportsmanlike penalty. The senior defensive tackle then ran back onto the field and slammed the official. Duron was escorted out of Richard R.

Has a boxer ever punched the ref?

A heavyweight boxer punched a referee after losing by knockout in the second round of a bout. Iago Kiladze and Viktor Faust exchanged five knockdowns in a New Year’s Day slugfest. The referee ended the match, and Kiladze appeared to protest the decision by throwing a fist at him.