What is a traditional Lithuanian Christmas dinner?

What is a traditional Lithuanian Christmas dinner?

Traditional and popular dishes include fish (often herring), kūčiukai (small sweet pastries) normally soaked in poppy milk, kisielius (a drink made from cranberries), dried fruit soup, beet soup (often with mushroom filled dumplings in it), vegetable salad, mushrooms, boiled or baked potatoes, sauerkraut, a kind of …

What are some Lithuanian Christmas traditions?

10 Christmas Traditions That Every Lithuanian Can Relate To

  • Kūčiukai With Poppy Milk. Kūčiukai are bite-sized biscuits served with freshly made poppy milk that are only eaten during the Christmas season.
  • Santa Claus.
  • Christmas Tree.
  • 12 Dishes.
  • Mulled Wine.

Why can’t Lithuanians eat meat on Christmas Eve?

Although official fasting no longer exists, most Lithuanians refrain from eating meat on Christmas Eve so as to preserve tradition.

What do Lithuanians do for Christmas Eve?

Usually Christmas Eve dinner would start when the Western Star rises. At first, family members would share communion wafers that can be bought at every church before Christmas. Then everyone can start tasting twelve dishes.

What are some Lithuanian traditions?

Traditions That Only Lithuanians Can Understand

  • Uzgavenes or Shrove Tuesday. Shrove Tuesday, Fat Tuesday, or Mardi Gras is a holiday known to many; however, Lithuania has its own unique take on this particular holiday.
  • Christmas Eve Dinner.
  • Easter Granny and Other Easter traditions.

What do Lithuanians call Santa?

The Santa Claus, known in Lithuanian as Kalėdų senelis (The Christmas grandfather), visits at night between 24th and 25th and leaves the presents under the Christmas tree of the home.

What do Lithuanians call Santa Claus?

How many different dishes should be served for the traditional Lithuanian Christmas Eve dinner?

twelve different dishes
For Christians, the twelve different dishes served on the table represent Jesus’ twelve apostles. The evening meal consists of very specific dishes. There can be no meat, dairy, or hot food. Typical dishes include fish, vegetables, and bread.

What do Lithuanians eat on Christmas Eve?

A dried fruit soup, beet soup with mushrooms and dumplings, a vegetable salad, boiled or baked potatoes, cooked sauerkraut, cranberry pudding and wheat porridge with honey and bread – would also be commonly served on the Christmas Eve in Lithuania.