What is adhatoda used for?

What is adhatoda used for?

The leaves, roots, flowers, and bark of this plant have been used in the treatments of cough, colds, asthma, to liquefy sputum, as a bronchodilator, bronchial catarrh, bronchitis, and tuberculosis. A number of parts of the plant are commonly used in the forms of decoctions or powders.

What is the English name of adhatoda?

Malabar nut
Justicia adhatoda commonly known in English as Malabar nut, adulsa, adhatoda, vasa, vasaka, is a medicinal plant native to Asia, widely used in traditional medicine.

What are the benefits of Adhatoda vasica?


  • Remedies Cough And Cold.
  • Promotes Gut Health.
  • Purifies Blood.
  • Prevents Infections.
  • Heals Ulcers.
  • Relieves Pain And Inflammation.
  • Treats Uremia.
  • Augments Skin Health.

What is adhatoda leaf?

It is a primary medicinal plant for the respiratory tract ailments in the treatment of cough, bronchitis, asthma and symptoms of common cold. The medicinal uses of Adulsa leaves are attributed to its antitussive, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties.

What is adhatoda and uses of leaf juice?

This herb as a whole is useful in treating cold and cough, asthma and chronic bronchitis. In acute stages of bronchitis, it gives unfailing relief especially where the sputum is thick and sticky, it liquefies sputum so that it can come up more easily.

What is Justicia Adhatoda 3x?

Bjain Justicia Adhatoda Dilution is a homoeopathic medicine, used primarily for the treatment of catarrhal conditions of the respiratory system. It provides relief from cough, coryza and is also used for the treatment of ailments associated with pneumonia and bronchitis.

Where is adhatoda Zeylanica found?

The plant grows in several regions of India with high distribution in the lower Himalayan regions. The leaves of A. zeylanica have been used extensively in traditional medicine primarily for respiratory disorders.

What is the common name of Justicia Adhatoda?

Integrated Taxonomic Information System – Report

Kingdom: Plantae
Taxonomic Rank: Species
Synonym(s): Adhatoda vasica Nees
Common Name(s): Malabar nut [English]
Taxonomic Status:

What is the common name of Adhatoda vasica?

Botanical name : Adhatoda vasica Nees. Family: Acanthaceae Synonym : Justicia adhatoda Linn. Common names : Hindi: Adulasa, Vasaka.

Is Justicia Adhatoda and Adhatoda vasica same?

Is Adhatoda vasica is a herb?

Adhatoda Vasica is a very important medicinal herb where leaf, root, flower and whole plant is used for many drug formulations.