What is another name for sagacious?

What is another name for sagacious?

Some common synonyms of sagacious are astute, perspicacious, and shrewd. While all these words mean “acute in perception and sound in judgment,” sagacious suggests wisdom, penetration, and farsightedness.

What is an example of sagacious?

The definition of sagacious is someone with sound judgment. An example of sagacious is someone checking the oil in their car before a long road trip.

What is a sagacious woman?

In Webster’s; the word Sagacious means having a keen mental discernment and sharp judgment. Another description would be having a great practical sense about oneself or being shrewd. A woman well known for her virtue, her wisdom, her love and her giving.

How do you use sagacious?

Sagacious in a Sentence 🔉

  1. Wise and full of insight, the sagacious leader would live on to better the world.
  2. Many agree that replacing typewriters with computers is a sagacious idea because computers make typing, editing, and proofreading easier.
  3. I saw this sagacious dog on television that could add and subtract numbers!

Is sagacious a compliment?

The earliest, 17th century sense of sagacious was applied to people (or animals): “quick or keen in sense perceptions.” Over time, the meaning of the word shifted and became high praise for the human intellect.

What is the difference between sagacity and wisdom?

As nouns the difference between sagacity and wisdom is that sagacity is the quality of being sage, wise, or able to make good decisions while wisdom is (uncountable) an element of personal character that enables one to distinguish the wise from the unwise.

Is sagacious a positive word?

sagacious Add to list Share. Use the formal adjective sagacious to describe someone who is wise and insightful like an advisor to the president or a Supreme Court justice. Someone like an inspirational leader or an expert in a field who seeks knowledge and has foresight can be described as sagacious.

What is a good sentence for sagacious?

Sagacious sentence example. The army had appeared a hard master when it ent its strength to a wise and sagacious rule. Step by step, with sagacious and patient accuracy, he advanced to the great discovery which has immortalized his name.

What is sagacity in the Bible?

The Latin word sagācitās is the great-granddaddy of our word sagacity, giving it the meaning “wisdom.” Just remember that it contains the word sage, which means “wise one” — our wise ancestors were called “Sages.” But before we get too puffed up, we need to remember that in the 17th and 18th centuries, sagacity meant ” …

How do you use sagacity in a sentence?

He has shown constant sagacity and good judgment, not to mention good temper and other personal qualities. With great political sagacity, my party went to the country when all the demands for increased rates were being delivered to householders.