What is IBM SmartCloud enterprise?

What is IBM SmartCloud enterprise?

IBM SmartCloud Enterprise is an agile computing infrastructure as a service (IaaS) solution that provides you with rapid access to an enterprise-class shared-cloud environment.

Is IBM SmartCloud a public cloud?

IBM SmartCloud is a line of enterprise-class cloud computing technologies and services for building and using private, public and hybrid clouds. SmartCloud offerings can be purchased as self-service or managed services.

What cloud service does IBM use?

IBM uses Red Hat OpenShift on IBM Cloud, the market-leading hybrid cloud container platform for hybrid solutions that enables you to build once and deploy anywhere.

Can IBM Cloud survive?

IBM has survived major technology sector upheavals in its more than 100-year history, but now it’s playing catch-up in cloud computing and AI. The technology sector demands a degree of adaptability like no other. Thus far, IBM has been able to reinvent itself and survive, if not always thrive.

What are the benefits of IBM Smart cloud?


  • Data security.
  • Identity & access management.
  • Security information & event management.
  • Security orchestration, automation & response.
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What is Aneka cloud Platform?

Aneka is an Application Platform-as-a-Service (Aneka PaaS) for Cloud Computing. It acts as a framework for building customized applications and deploying them on either public or private Clouds.

What is IBM PureFlex?

IBM PureFlex is a converged infrastructure data center product that provides the customer with infrastructure as a system (IaaS) capabilities and is optimized for cloud computing.

Why IBM is not doing well?

It seems one of the reasons why the business is struggling is a lack of investment. Indeed, as net profit has been cut in half over the past six years, IBM’s dividend per share has increased 30%. In 2020, $5.8 billion flowed out the door to investors. Capital spending for the period amounted to $3.2 billion.

What are features of IBM Smart Cloud?