What is inheritance in Entity Framework?

What is inheritance in Entity Framework?

The TPC inheritance states that each concrete class (a class which can be instantiated) in the hierarchy of entities is mapped to a separate table in storage schema. It means, there is separate table in database to maintain data for each derived entity type.

How does Entity Framework handle inheritance?

By default, EF maps the inheritance using the table-per-hierarchy (TPH) pattern. TPH uses a single table to store the data for all types in the hierarchy, and a discriminator column is used to identify which type each row represents.

Does EF core support inheritance?

TPH is the only inheritance pattern that the Entity Framework Core supports. What you’ll do is create a Person class, change the Instructor and Student classes to derive from Person , add the new class to the DbContext , and create a migration.

What is inheritance in .NET with example?

Inheritance is a feature of object-oriented programming languages that allows you to define a base class that provides specific functionality (data and behavior) and to define derived classes that either inherit or override that functionality.

What are the two methods dotnet uses to implement inheritance in a database?

You can represent inheritance in the database in one of two ways:

  • Multiple tables that represent the parent class and each child class.
  • A single table that comprises the parent and all child classes.

How can you implement inheritance in MVC?

In this tutorial, you:

  1. Learn to map inheritance to database.
  2. Create the Person class.
  3. Update Instructor and Student.
  4. Add Person to the Model.
  5. Create and Update Migrations.
  6. Test the implementation.
  7. Deploy to Azure.

What is discriminator entity framework?

The Entity Framework Core Fluent API HasDiscriminator method is used to configure aspects of the discriminator column in a table that represents an inheritance hierarchy. By convention, a discriminator column will be configured to use a string data type will be named “Discriminator”.

What is inheritance explain in detail?

Inheritance is the process by which genetic information is passed on from parent to child. This is why members of the same family tend to have similar characteristics. We actually have two genomes? each. We get one copy of our genome from each of our parents.

What is Poco class in Entity Framework?

A POCO entity is a class that doesn’t depend on any framework-specific base class. It is like any other normal . NET CLR class, which is why it is called “Plain Old CLR Objects”. POCO entities are supported in both EF 6 and EF Core.

What is the difference between IEnumerable and IQueryable?

Both IEnumerable and IQueryable are forward collection. Querying data from a database, IEnumerable execute a select query on the server side, load data in-memory on a client-side and then filter data. Querying data from a database, IQueryable execute the select query on the server side with all filters.