What is Jefferson Airplane most famous song?

What is Jefferson Airplane most famous song?

“Don’t you want somebody to love?” goes the chorus of Jefferson Airplane’s best-known hit. Love was more than just an age-old crutch for pop songwriters in 1967, the year the Grace Slick–sung “Somebody to Love” was released; it had taken on a metaphysical dimension, and Jefferson Airplane were at the vanguard.

What songs are Jefferson Starship known for?

10 Greatest Jefferson Starship Songs

  • “Layin’ It On The Line” – Nuclear Furniture.
  • “Ride The Tiger” – Dragonfly.
  • “Fast Buck Freddie” – Red Octopus.
  • “Find Your Way Back” – Modern Times.
  • “With Your Love” – Spitfire.
  • “St Charles” – Spitfire.
  • “Miracles” – Red Octopus.
  • “Count On Me” – Earth.

What was Jefferson Starship biggest hit?

# 1 – Miracles There was no question as to which songs would come in at number one on our top 10 Jefferson Starship songs list. Miracles was easily the band’s best song they ever released under the Jefferson Starship name.

Did Jefferson Airplane cover white bird?

It was quite an experience, but it was very creative in a way.” The group was managed by Jefferson Airplane and Moby Grape minder Matthew Katz, but the association was apparently an unhappy one and the band went through various personal changes before finally breaking up in 1974.

Why did Grace Slick blackface?

“I did it because it was a trip; it’s weird to have blue eyes and a black face.” 4. “The whole thing started when I was watching TV and someone said that blacks look better on television in closeups, so I wandered around the house wearing blackface and flashing on myself in the mirror.

Who played lead guitar on wooden ships?

These opening lines Crosby cribbed from a Baptist church in Florida that had this message on their sign. Crosby and Stills share lead vocals on this track. Stills played most of the instruments (guitar, bass, organ) and did the guitar solo, which Nash thinks is some of his best work.

Who wrote Starship songs?

The song was written by Minaj, Nadir Khayat, Carl Falk, Rami Yacoub, Bilal Hajji, and Wayne Hector, and it was produced by RedOne, Yacoub, and Falk. “Starships” peaked inside the top five in fifteen countries.

What is Jefferson Airplane slang for?

What does “Jefferson Airplane” mean? Named as a direct reference to the popular counterculture rock band, a Jefferson Airplane is a matchstick broken into a “V” formation that can be used as an improvised roach clip. This allows the user to smoke the very end of a joint without burning their fingers.