What is number range in asset accounting in SAP?

What is number range in asset accounting in SAP?

The number range specifies for the assignment of numbers for the specific asset class. Asset numbers should be entered of unique and special significance in the master data field “inventory number”.

How do you create an asset number range in SAP?

You can create asset number range intervals by using one of the following navigation method. SAP IMG Path: – SPRO > SAP Reference IMG (F5) > Financial Accounting > Asset Accounting > Organization structure > Asset Classes > Create number range intervals.

What are ranges What are number ranges in SAP?

A Number range is a Group of numbers to which the unique-Id created for an SAP Object belongs.

How do you set a number range interval in SAP?

Table of Contents

  1. ABAP Steps. Setting Namespaces. Activate NXI ABAP Web Dynpro Service. Create DBCON Database Connection. Create RFC Destination. Set Number Range Intervals. Adjust Maximum Record Length. Maintain Upload/Download service. Adjust System Parameter Settings. Create Tool BW Client.
  2. HANA Steps.

What is FIAA Belnr?

ABNV (Number range maint: FIAA-BELNR) is a standard SAP parameter transaction code available within R/3 SAP systems depending on your version and release level. ABNV executes transaction code SNUM with the following options and default parameters set.

How do you assign a number range to an asset class?

You define the number ranges at company code level. In Customizing for the asset class, specify the number range per company code, and specify whether assignment from the number range should be carried out externally or internally. Alphanumeric intervals can only be assigned externally.

Which attributes should you consider when defining asset number ranges?

Which attributes should you consider when defining asset number ranges? Each asset number range has to be assigned to a unique asset class. Asset number ranges are defined at chart of depreciation level. Each asset class can have either an internal or external number range.

How do you maintain number ranges in SAP?


  1. In the SAP GUI, enter the transaction code OANR to open the “SAP ArchiveLink Number range” window.
  2. Click the Change Intervals icon . Figure 1 shows the Maintain Number Range Intervals window containing the required interval.
  3. If the required interval does not exist, take these steps:
  4. Click the Save icon.

What does number range mean?

The range is the difference between the highest and lowest values in a set of numbers. To find it, subtract the lowest number in the distribution from the highest.

What settings can you define specifically for an asset class?

Asset classes are defined at SAP client level and contain key control parameters such as number assignment for asset, account determination and screen layout rules.

What is Vcode tn01 SAP?

VN01 is a transaction code used for Number Assignment for SD Documents in SAP.

What is internal and external number ranges in SAP?

Internal number range: The range of object numbers that are assigned internally by SAP when a user attempts to create an object and does not provide an object number. • External number range: The range of object numbers that can be manually assigned to objects either through the GUI or through the API.

How to maintain asset number ranges in SAP asset accounting?

The following training tutorial takes you how to Maintain Asset Number Ranges in SAP Asset accounting. SAP R/3 Menu path : – IMG –> Financial Accounting –> Asset Accounting –> Organisational Structure –> Asset Classes –> Define Number range Interval

What is the number range in SAP?

The number range is responsible for generate the document number (BELNR) and is defined by document type. It can be year depended or as well as buffered or no.

How to define the number range of an asset?

The number ranges always define at company code level. Specify the number range per company code while customizing for the asset class. Alphanumeric intervals can only be assigned externally.

How to change the asset number interval in SAP?

Step 1 : – Enter T Code AS08 in SAP command field and press enter. Enter Company code and click on change interval. Step 2 : – In next screen, select insert interval (Shift+F1) Update the following data. 1. Enter the number to identity the number ranges. 2. Update the starting number of asset number.