What is salary of para teacher?

What is salary of para teacher?

Honorarium paid to para teachers vary from Rs 900 to Rs 3,000 per month against the regular teachers’ salary of about Rs 5,000 per month. Honorarium of para teachers, who are appointed in regular schools, is in the range ofRs 1800-3000 per month, with only exception of Volunteer Teacher Scheme of Andhra Pradesh.

How much is the basic salary of teacher 3?

Teacher 3 (Salary Grade 13) For those who hold the position of Teacher III (SG 13), their salaries were increased to P26,754 in 2020 and P28,276 in 2021. Their salaries will be increased to P29,798, and P31,320 in 2022 and 2023, respectively.

What is the monthly salary of primary teacher in West Bengal?

WBSSC Salary Structure

WBSSC Posts WBSSC Salary
Upper Primary School Teacher INR 33,400 per month
Librarian INR 32,100 per month
Primary School Teacher INR 28,900 per month
Clerk INR 22,700 per month

Who are para teachers?

Para-teachers, also called Learning Support Aides (LSAs) by the Department of Education (DepEd), refer to individuals “who qualify in assisting teachers to provide learning opportunities using various learning delivery modalities in promoting achievement and progression of learner” especially amidst the coronavirus …

What are para-teachers in India?

Para-teachers, sometimes called “contract teachers”, are being hired in increasing numbers in many Indian states. While hiring conditions, tenure, remuneration, and qualifications vary considerably across states, the use of para-teachers has generated debate about their impact on the quality of elementary education.

What is the salary of para teacher in Bihar?

As per the Bihar model, the trained para-teachers allegedly get a salary ranging from Rs 5,200 to Rs 20,200 per month with provision for provident fund and annual increment and the untrained teachers get around Rs 17,000.

Is there salary increase for teachers in 2021?

TSC Counter Offer a circular freezing pay rise in the civil service in June 2021. This implied that teachers in Grades C4 to D5 would have benefit from a 16 per cent increment in their basic salaries in the CBA, while those in Grade B5 to Grade C3 could see a 32 per cent pay rise in their salaries effective July 2021.

How much is the salary of teacher II?

For Teacher II (SG 12), the salary was increased to P24, 495 in 2020 to P26, 052 in 2021. In 2022, the salaries of those holding this position will be increased to P27, 608 and P29, 165 in 2023.

What is the salary of West Bengal police constable?

West Bengal Police Constable Salary Structure

Name of the Post Police Constable
Pay Scale Rs. 22,700- Rs. 58,500
Grade Pay Rs. 2,600
Annual Pay Rs. 3.6 to Rs. 4.2 lakh.
Pay Level 6

How do I become a para?

In order to apply for a Substitute Paraprofessional position, you must have, at least:

  1. An online nomination by a school Principal.
  2. A high school diploma (or its recognized equivalent, e.g., GED).
  3. Proficiency in reading, writing and speaking the English language.
  4. Authorization to work in the USA.

What means para professional?

Definition of paraprofessional : a trained aide who assists a professional person (such as a teacher or doctor)

How many days a week is a para teacher in school?

A Para teacher will be in School for 4 (four) days in a week and will utilize remaining 2 (two) days to monitor dropout students and ensure community support for enrollment of children in Schools. 3. Renewal of the Contract of a Para teacher (Methodology):

What does a para teacher do?

During School hours, Para teachers will addresses first generation students who are in need of remedial teaching. They will ensure that the students are able to suitably comprehend and follow the lessons so that they would be able to compete with other students in the formal classes.

What is the leave policy for para teachers in India?

All Para teachers may enjoy 12 days casual leave for urgent necessity and 7 days leave on medical ground. If the span of Service of the incumbent is less than one year such leave shall be proportioned accordingly and it will be sanctioned by the Head of the Institutions. The medical leave shall not be accumulated for the next year.

What is the maternity leave policy for para teachers?

Such maternity leave shall be sanctioned by the School Level Monitoring Committee (SLMC) and Managing Committee for primary and upper primary respectively on production of medical certificate from a registered medical practitioner. All Para teachers may enjoy 12 days casual leave for urgent necessity and 7 days leave on medical ground.