What is the Bayern Ticket?

What is the Bayern Ticket?

The Bayern Ticket is a transportation savings pass that allows for fantastic savings on train and bus fares when traveling in Bavaria in southern Germany.

How do I book tickets for the FC Bayern Museum?

Online booking and payment for FC Bayern Museum tickets requires a PayPal account or a credit card. No other form of payment is accepted. Click here for the price list. To redeem vouchers for the FC Bayern Museum and Arena Tours, please log in at our online ticket service. Place your tickets in your shopping cart.

How many Bayern tickets do I need for my family?

Similarly, if a family consists of two parents and four children, a second Bayern Ticket will be required if any of the children is 15 years or older – in this case one two-passenger and one single-passenger Bayern Ticket.

How often do guided tours take place at Bayern Munich?

Guided tours take place daily, including Sundays and holidays (except Christmas and New Year holidays, as well as event days). We offer exclusive matchday tours on FC Bayern Munich home matchdays.

Can I use my Bayern Ticket to visit Salzburg?

One of the most common question about Bayern Ticket validity is whether or not you can use the Bayern Ticket to visit Salzburg, Austria. The answer is yes, yes you can! The Bayern Ticket covers the Meridian Train that takes you from Munich to Salzburg and is one of the few exceptions where you can use the Bayern Ticket outside of Bavaria.

How many people does a Bayern Munich ticket hold?

For example, a single ticket is valid for one adult plus up to three children, while a ticket for five is valid for five adults plus a maximum of three children. One adult and four children will require a ticket for two. The Bayern Ticket is excellent value for money and can pay for itself very quickly.