What is the best wood for decking in Australia?

What is the best wood for decking in Australia?

Hardwoods Hardwoods are a great option for Australian decks – they’re extremely durable, highly resilient and can look, feel and even smell great. Popular hardwoods include Jarrah, Spotted Gum, and Merbau, which is the most common timber decking in Australia.

What hardwood is best for decking?

Depending on your project needs, the best hardwood decking material options include Ipe, Cumaru, Garapa, ThermoWood, and Machiche. Because all wood decking materials are a product of nature, there will be variations of color and graining, strength and performance characteristics of each different wood species.

What is the cheapest hardwood for decking?

Treated pine
Treated pine is the cheapest options. It is easy to work with and can be stained or painted. Hardwood timber decking is more expensive than treated pine, but a number of species are available, some of which are much less expensive than others.

Is Merbau an Australian hardwood?

A beautiful hardwood timber species deriving from a few locations around the world, merbau comes from the Kwila tree. The species is found in tropical climates in locations such as Queensland, Australia and Indo Pacific islands like Fiji, and Samoa, as well as Tanzania, India, and Madagascar.

Is Merbau better than treated pine?

Some woods are better than others for that purpose. For instance, Merbau is classified as a hardwood and if taken care of properly, Merbau will last longer as well as stand up to dents and scratches far better than treated pine.

Is Spotted gum more expensive than Merbau?

Higher Cost than other Hardwood Options Among hardwood options like merbau, jarrah, and blackbutt, spotted gum is usually the priciest option.

How long does hardwood decking last?

Traditional wood deck: Typically 10 to 15 years. Capped composite: Industry experts agree these boards can last 25 to 30+ years. Capped polymer (the best of the best): Because of its superior material composition, capped polymer boards can last much longer, potentially 50 years or more.

Is tigerwood the same as Ipe?

Tigerwood has a Janka Hardness rating of 2170. You will recall, Ipe was around 3680 and domestic Oak is around 1250. That said, Tigerwood is not nearly as hard as Ipe, but still much harder than Oak. While Tigerwood isn’t as hard as Ipe, it should not be the only determining factor in the decision.

Is merbau more expensive than spotted gum?

Among hardwood options like merbau, jarrah, and blackbutt, spotted gum is usually the priciest option.

Is merbau better than Jarrah?

Jarrah can be highly polished and accepts most finishes well. It is commonly found on flooring, panelling, joinery, decking and furniture. Merbau is a South East Asian rainforest hardwood that is also known as Kwila. It is a durable, dark reddish brown timber that is high in tannin content.

What is Australian hardwood?

Australian hardwood timber is both durable and gorgeous, providing a home with an organic warmth, softness and tactility that no other flooring material can match. Solid Australian timber floors exude natural beauty and can endure decades of use.

Is Merbau better than Jarrah?