What is the busiest exit on I-75?

What is the busiest exit on I-75?

Exit 136
According to local tourism officials, the I-75 exit in Saginaw County that serves Birch Run and Frankenmuth (Exit 136) is the busiest along the 1,786-mile-long interstate, north of an exit in Orlando, Florida.

What exits are in Richmond KY?

Exit 87, Exit to: KY 876, Richmond.

What exit is Lexington Kentucky?

North on I-75 Follow I-75 North to Exit 104 (marked Athens/Lexington).

What exit is London KY on I-75?

Exit 41 – KY-80; London; Somerset – Interstate I-75 Southbound in Kentucky – iExit.

What exit is Georgetown KY?

I-64 Directions: Take Georgetown Exit 69.

Where is Exit 87 in KY?

What makes Richmond, Kentucky a great overnite stop?

What exit is Georgetown Kentucky?

What exit is Covington KY?

Exit 191, Exit to: 12th St, Covington. There are 77 gas stations, 99+ restaurants, and 30 hotels/motels near this exit. See details below.

What exit number is London KY?

London is located on the region’s main north-south route, Interstate 75. The city has two exits—Kentucky Route 80 (Exit 41) to the north and Kentucky Route 192 (Exit 38) to the south.

Where does I 75 start and end in Kentucky?

Interstate 75 in Kentucky. Jump to navigation Jump to search. Interstate 75 (I-75) runs from near Williamsburg to Covington by way of Lexington in the U.S. state of Kentucky. I-75 enters the Cumberland Plateau region from Tennessee, then descends into the Bluegrass region through the Pottsville Escarpment before crossing the Ohio River into Ohio.

What are the exit numbers on I-75?

Highway I-75 runs South to North with exit numbers starting at the southern most exit of each state or province.

Where does the I-485 start and end in Kentucky?

The freeway enters Kentucky south of Williamsburg in the Cumberland Plateau, bypassing Corbin and London before descending into the Bluegrass region near Berea through the Pottsville Escarpment. The highway continues north through Richmond en route to Lexington.

Where does Interstate 75 meet Interstate 71 in Ohio?

South of Florence, Kentucky, the route becomes concurrent with Interstate 71, and the two routes remain concurrent through to Cincinnati, Ohio. On the north side of Florence, Interstate 75 intersects with the only auxiliary route it has in the state, Interstate 275, a beltway bypass of the greater Cincinnati area.