What is the chemical name for ammonia cleaner?

What is the chemical name for ammonia cleaner?

Ammonium hydroxide
Ammonium hydroxide is the chemical name for a solution of ammonia in water. A familiar example of ammonium hydroxide is household ammonia, which is a solution of 5-10% ammonia. Ammonium hydroxide is a weak base. It is a clear liquid with a distinctive pungent, fishy odor.

What is H3N?

Ammonia | H3N | ChemSpider.

What is NH ammonium?

ammonia (NH3), colourless, pungent gas composed of nitrogen and hydrogen. It is the simplest stable compound of these elements and serves as a starting material for the production of many commercially important nitrogen compounds. ammonia.

What is the chemical formula of ammonium nitrate?

NH₄NO₃Ammonium nitrate / Formula

What is ammonia cleaner used for?

Ammonium hydroxide – commonly known as household ammonia – is an ingredient in many household cleaning products used to clean a variety of surfaces including tubs, sinks, toilets, countertops and tiles.

Is ammonia a bleach?

Ammonia is known as a weak base, while bleach is said to be a strong oxidizing agent. Ammonia consists of one nitrogen atom and three hydrogen atoms. Bleach is made from water, caustic soda and chlorine. In disinfectant quality, bleach is considered to be a stronger disinfectant than ammonia.

Is NH3 and H3N same?

As others have pointed out, you have just rearranged the formula for ammonia. NH3 is essentially the same as H3N.

Can we write NH3 as H3N?

Originally Answered: Why is NH3 not written as H3N? According to current nomenclature rules, H3N would be correct and acceptable. However some chemical formulas, like NH3 for ammonia, that were in use long before the rules came out, are still accepted.

Why is NH4 called ammonium?

NH4+ is the ammonium ion. It has a positive charge and a molecular weight of 18g/mol. NH3-N represents the Nitrogen content of the ammonia, NH4-N is the nitrogen content of the ammonium ion. This is used when people wish to track nitrogen through the treatment process.

What is NH4NO3 used for?

ammonium nitrate, (NH4NO3), a salt of ammonia and nitric acid, used widely in fertilizers and explosives. The commercial grade contains about 33.5 percent nitrogen, all of which is in forms utilizable by plants; it is the most common nitrogenous component of artificial fertilizers.

What is limestone ammonium nitrate?

Calcium ammonium nitrate or CAN, also known as nitro-limestone or nitrochalk, is a widely used inorganic fertilizer, accounting for 4% of all nitrogen fertilizer used worldwide in 2007.