What is the cover of Throwing Copper?

What is the cover of Throwing Copper?

The cover art is a painting by Scottish artist Peter Howson titled Sisters of Mercy. On September 23, 2005, it was sold for $186,000 by Christie’s in New York. The painting is oil on canvas and measures 243 × 182 centimeters.

When was Throwing Copper release?

April 26, 1994Throwing Copper / Release date
First released on April 26, 1994, Throwing Copper transformed LIVE into one of the most lyrically impactful and instrumentally powerful bands of the modern alternative-rock era. Topping the Billboard 200 Albums chart a year after its debut, Throwing Copper also features two No.

Is Throwing Copper grunge?

At the height of the grunge era, the Pennsylvania rock band Live’s second album, “Throwing Copper,” was on the Billboard charts for a year before it finally reached No. 1 — an unusually slow climb.

Where is live the band from?

York, PALive / Origin

What is meant by throwing copper?

I ask because in the native cultures of northwest (as in coastal British Columbia) “throwing copper” was an ultimate insult or challenge in a potlatch. “Coppers” were ornately designed shields and symbols of wealth and power. If a chief would “throw his copper” at the feet of another, it would be a challenge.

Who mixed Throwing Copper?

It was produced by Jerry Harrison of Talking Heads and was recorded at Pachyderm Recording Studio. Throwing Copper has sold over 8 million copies and was certified 8× platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America….Track listing.

No. Title Length
14. “Horse” (hidden track) 4:16

Does the band Live still exist?

Kowalczyk rejoined in December 2016 and in 2018, they released a new EP, Local 717….Live (band)

Also known as Public Affection (1987–1991)
Origin York, Pennsylvania, U.S.
Genres Alternative rock post-grunge hard rock funk rock (early)
Years active 1984–2009 2012–present

What ever happened to the group Live?

Five more studio albums followed (including another chart-topper, 1997’s Secret Samadhi), before the band announced a hiatus eight years ago. That hiatus, however, soon turned into a split, with Kowalcyzk pursuing a full-time solo career and the remaining members of Live regrouping with a new singer, Chris Shinn.

Who is the lead singer of Live?

Ed Kowalczyk
Chris Shinn
Live/Lead singers

How do you pronounce the band name Live?

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Live (/laɪv/, often typeset as LĪVE or +LĪVE+) is an American rock band formed in York, Pennsylvania in 1984, consisting of Ed Kowalczyk (lead vocals, rhythm guitar), Chad Taylor (lead guitar, backing vocals), Patrick Dahlheimer (bass), and Chad Gracey (drums).

How did Live get their name?

Kowalczyk joined in 1984, when the group lost a talent show. They went through various different names, including Action Front, Paisley Blues, and Club Fungus, before settling on Public Affection in January 1987. Gracey picked the name based on a comment by his girlfriend at the time.