What is the momentum integral equation?

What is the momentum integral equation?

1 Momentum Integral Equation. ∂ ∂ x [ ϱ u ( u e – u )|+ ∂ ∂ y [ ϱ v ( u e – u )]+ d u e d x ( ϱ e u e – ϱ u) =- ∂ ∂ y ( μ ∂ u ∂ y – ϱ u ′ v ′ ¯ ) . (3.6. 3)

What does the momentum equation assume?

The momentum equation is a mathematical formulation of the law of conservation of momentum. It states that the rate of change in linear momentum of a volume moving with a fluid is equal to the surface forces and the body forces acting on a fluid.

What are advantages of using integral forms of the equations of motion versus differential?

The differential and integral forms have their on advantage for various numerical methods. For example, the differential form is usually used for the finite difference method and the integral form is used for finite volume and finite element methods.

What is the momentum equation applicable to any type of flow?

The momentum equation is a statement of Newton’s Second Law and relates the sum of the forces acting on an element of fluid to its acceleration or rate of change of momentum. You will probably recognise the equation F = ma which is used in the analysis of solid mechanics to relate applied force to acceleration.

What is the integral of momentum with respect to time?

The quantity Fdt is defined as Impulse, and the relationship between the change in momentum and the Impulse is sometimes referred to as the Impulse-Momentum Theorem. It states that the integral of the force with respect to time is equal to the change in momentum of the object.

Which of the following equations is known as momentum principle?

Momentum is the quantity of motion of a moving body. It is expressed mathematically as p = m * v and has units of kg m/s. The principle of conservation of momentum states that in an isolated system, two objects that collide have the same combined momentum before and after the collision.

What is Navier Stokes equation used for?

Navier-Stokes equation, in fluid mechanics, a partial differential equation that describes the flow of incompressible fluids. The equation is a generalization of the equation devised by Swiss mathematician Leonhard Euler in the 18th century to describe the flow of incompressible and frictionless fluids.

What is the difference between integral and differential equations?

Differential equations are used when we study the motion of a very small fluid particle,whereas the integral equations are used when we study a control volume.

What is integral method of analysis?

An integral equation method is developed to solve the problem of diffusion and reaction in a porous nonisothermal finite cylindrical pellet in the absence of external transport resistances.

When momentum equation is applied there will be generally how many types of forces?

Three forces
The momentum flux (MV) is the fluid mass times the velocity vector in the direction of flow. Three forces will be considered: (1) pressure, (2) gravity and (3) boundary drag, or friction force.

Is work the integral of momentum?

The energy used, understood as the integral of force with respect to displacement (i.e. work) corresponds to the force (instead of momentum) applied during a certain time.