What is the philosophy of Rabindranath Tagore?

What is the philosophy of Rabindranath Tagore?

There are four fundamental principles in Tagore’s educational philosophy; naturalism, humanism, internationalism and idealism. Shantiniketan and Visva Bharathi are both based on these very principles. He insisted that education should be imparted in a natural surroundings.

Which central idea of Rabindranath Tagore’s educational philosophy was most highlighted in the establishment of Santiniketan?

Answer: Shantiniketan was to cultivate a love for nature, to impart knowledge and wisdom in one’s native language, provide freedom of mind, heart and will, a natural ambience, and to eventually enrich Indian culture.

Who wrote the book The philosophy of Rabindranath Tagore?

Kalyan Sen GuptaThe philosophy of Rabindranath Tagore / Author

What are the major themes of Gitanjali?

Mysticism: The major theme in Gitanjali is the theme of mysticism which brings several other-themes in the reflection.

  • Devotion: The another central theme of Gitanjali is the devotion.
  • Death:
  • Nature:
  • Childhood:
  • Humanism:
  • Spritual Illumination:
  • Charity:
  • What is the main theme of Gitanjali by Tagore?

    The major theme in Gitanjali is devotion to God. This paper focuses on the Indian philosophical aspects and the theme of devotion in Rabindranath Tagore s Gitanjali. Gitanjali focuses on the all-pervading presence of God everywhere. Gitanjali brings its readers into direct contact with the Infinite.

    What philosophy of life is expressed in the poem where the mind is without fear?

    The central idea of the poem is about the poet’s vision of freedom for his country. He desires and prays for an overall awakening of the people of the nation and not just for political freedom.

    What is naturalism according to Tagore?

    They can 6) Naturalism is education draws our attention to the become natural with Nature and human with the human aesthetic aspect of surroundings. This also implies society. Tagore said “For our perfection we have to be that school should be located in the open.