What is the song in the Gatorade commercial?

What is the song in the Gatorade commercial?

The song in question is “Future Power Sources” by Marlowe.

What does the slogan Be Like Mike mean to you?

Be Like Mike is a television advertisement for Gatorade starring American professional basketball player Michael Jordan….Be Like Mike.

A frame from Be Like Mike, depicting Michael Jordan playing basketball with a child.
Agency Bayer Bess Vanderwarker
Slogan Be Like Mike. Drink Gatorade.

Who is Mike in the Gatorade commercial?

Michael Jordan
Michael Jordan signed with Gatorade in 1991 following his first title with the Chicago Bulls. In 1991, Michael Jordan won his first championship with the Chicago Bulls and had become the biggest sports star on the planet.

What year did the Be Like Mike commercial come out?

Arguably his most famous ad, though, came in 1992. The commercial, made by Gatorade, compels viewers to “Be like Mike,” and became so ubiquitous that in 2002, a basketball movie starring Bow Wow was titled “Like Mike.”

What is the song in the new Gatorade commercial 2022?

Candace Parker, Damian Lillard.

Who sings the new Gatorade commercial song?

Metcalf, Jayson Tatum, Song by Marlowe.

When did like Mike song come out?

Like Mike: Music From the Motion Picture is the soundtrack to the 2002 film, Like Mike. It was released on July 2, 2002 through So So Def Recordings and consisted of hip hop and contemporary R&B with production from the likes of Jermaine Dupri, The Neptunes and even Alicia Keys.

Who wrote like Mike?

Like Mike
Screenplay by Michael Elliot Jordan Moffet
Story by Michael Elliot
Produced by Barry Josephson Peter Heller
Starring Lil’ Bow Wow Morris Chestnut Jonathan Lipnicki Robert Forster Crispin Glover Eugene Levy

When did Like Mike song come out?

Who raps on the Gatorade commercial?