What minerals do alpacas need?

What minerals do alpacas need?

Llamas and alpacas require dietary copper (Cu) to help maintain normal body functions but in excess this trace mineral can be toxic. Copper (Cu) nutrition is a double-edged sword being associated with both deficiency and toxicity disease concerns.

Do alpacas need supplements?

Most alpacas need some type of mineral supplementation. What type of mineral is dependent on the area of the country where the animals are grazed or where the forage was harvested.

Do alpacas need mineral blocks?

Minerals & Salt Many llamas and alpacas prefer loose salt instead of blocks. Camelids should not have access to mineral salt blocks or loose mineral mixes unless they contain no copper, such as those formulated for sheep. Provide minerals/salt in a small feed pan or bucket in a dry area.

What vitamins do alpacas need?


Ingredients Formula 104 with Electrolytes for Alpacas year round Llamas during the winter
Vitamin B12 300 mcg/lb
Vitamin B1 32.25 mg/lb
Vitamin B2 50.0 mg/lb
Vitamin B3 241 mg/lb

Is beet pulp good for alpacas?

All our alpacas will happily eat soaked beet pulp. It is particularly important to keep a watch on the older animals whose fleece will have a shorter staple length and offer less protection from the cold. They may need to be coated.

Is clover good for alpacas?

Pastures seeded specifically for alpacas are usually mixes of several grasses and possibly a legume or two. Orchard grass, timothy, fescue, white clover and alfalfa are typical ingredients.

Do alpacas need selenium?

The main vitamin to consider in alpaca supplementation is vitamin D and the main mineral is selenium. Both are responsible for significant pathology when deficient and both are able to induce severe toxic signs if given at too high dosage.

How often do alpacas need vitamin D?

For oral preparations it is advised crias receive 2000 IU / kg orally every 4 weeks over the winter, this should be increased to every 2 weeks if problems exist or for dark coated crias. Dosing frequency can be extended over the summer and for adults.

Is molasses good for alpacas?

Avoid anything that contains molasses or cereals! Grains should only be given as directed by your veterinarian. A diet high in concentrates can lead to a number of serious health issues. If supplementing grain, be sure to purchase pelleted commercial food for llamas and alpacas!

What do you feed a skinny alpaca?

Lucerne hay or chaff is a hay that alpacas love. It is quite easy to get and costs between $5 to $15 a small bale although quality can vary. Lucerne chaff can also be bought at stock feed stores at around $20 for a 25 kilo bag. Oat hay is another option.

What do alpacas need to thrive?

Like other types of livestock, alpacas need basic shelter and protection from heat and foul weather. Good nutrition is essential for healthy animals. Hay, minerals, and fresh clean water should be available at all times. Many alpaca owners also provide a nutritional supplement.

How much selenium do alpacas need?

With the exception of slow release products, specially formulated to provide selenium supplementation for a long period after administration (e.g. DEPOSEL ®), the dose to be given to an alpaca is 0.1mg selenium per kg bodyweight, either orally or by subcutaneous injection.