What neighborhood is The Regency Ballroom in?

What neighborhood is The Regency Ballroom in?

The Regency Ballroom is located at 1300 Van Ness Avenue in San Francisco, CA.

How big is The Regency Ballroom?

15,225 square feet
All three venues combined totals 15,225 square feet of event space that can host up to 2,300 guests. Find out for yourself why The Regency Center is the ultimate San Francisco Event Venue.

Who has performed at The Regency Ballroom?

The Regency Ballroom Concerts (Updated for 2022)

Date Concert Venue
Mar 05, 2022 Godspeed You! Black Emperor The Regency Ballroom
Feb 22, 2022 The Love Connections Tour The Regency Ballroom
Jan 24, 2022 Remi Wolf The Regency Ballroom
Dec 17, 2021 The Girlfriend Tour The Regency Ballroom

How many people does The Regency Ballroom hold?

One of San Francisco’s most architecturally stunning venues, The Regency Ballroom is a 1,400 max capacity neoclassical event space with 35-foot ceilings, 22 turn-of-the-century teardrop chandeliers, blonde hardwood floors, a horseshoe-shaped balcony and built-in stage.

What is a Regency Ball?

Private balls were organised by a hostess who chose the venue (usually her own house) and the guest list. Invitations were sent out ten days to six weeks beforehand and replies sent to the hostess. Typically a ball began at 9 or 10pm and lasted until 5am the next morning or later and might end with a breakfast.

How many people fit in August Hall?

venue capacities

location reception banquet
Assembly Hall 800 220
Green Room 100 50
Fifth Arrow 250 N/A

Where was the Avalon Ballroom in San Francisco?

Polk Gulch
The Avalon Ballroom was a music venue in the Polk Gulch neighborhood of San Francisco, California, at 1244 Sutter Street (or 1268 Sutter, depending on the entrance). The space is known as the location of many concerts of the counterculture movement, from around 1966 to 1969.

Did Regency balls go all night?

How many dances are in a Regency ball?

Because a ball was considered a social experience, a couple could (at the most) dance only two sets (each set consisted of two dances), which generally lasted from 20-30 minutes per dance. Thus, a couple in love had an opportunity of spending as much as an hour together for each set.

What was August Hall before?

In the 1940s it became a USO club called the “Stage Door.” Later it started showing films as the “Stage Door Theatre” and hosted the premiere of the Alfred Hitchcock film Vertigo on May 9, 1958.

What is the capacity of House of Blues San Diego?

25 to 1500 guests
Located in the heart of downtown San Diego, House of Blues San Diego accommodates 25 to 1500 guests and is 1.1 miles from the San Diego Convention Center.

When did the Avalon Ballroom close?

The space is known as the location of many concerts of the counterculture movement, from around 1966 to 1969. It also had a reopening 34 years later, from 2003 to 2005….Avalon Ballroom.

Coordinates 37°47′16″N 122°25′16″W
Type ballroom
Built 1911
Closed 1969