What quotes show that Odysseus is brave?

What quotes show that Odysseus is brave?

Courage: Strength in the face of pain or grief. One example from the text that shows odysseus have courage is found in book 10 of the odyssey, in lines 45-47, Odyssey says, “Agents this advice however, odysseus rushes to save his man from the enchantress.”(387).

What story does Elpenor tell Odysseus?

The first to appear is that of Elpenor, the crewman who broke his neck falling from Circe’s roof. He begs Odysseus to return to Circe’s island and give his body a proper burial. Odysseus then speaks with the Theban prophet Tiresias, who reveals that Poseidon is punishing the Achaeans for blinding his son Polyphemus.

What does Odysseus promise Elpenor in Book 11?

What does Odysseus promise Elpenor? He promises to return to Circe’s island and bury the body of Elpenor.

How did Odysseus show resilience?

In this epic, Odysseus’ demonstration of leadership and skill proved that resilience and not giving up eventually leads to success. The Odyssey is the story of Odysseus trying to go home to Ithaca after the Trojan War. His leadership helps him and his crew eventually return home to their families.

What advice does Elpenor give to Odysseus?

Elpenor asks for a proper burial so he isn’t in this limbo cursed state. he wanted Odysseus to burn his body. He wants Odysseus to do this because he thinks his curse will make the gods do something bad to Odysseus.

Why is Elpenor significant?

When Odysseus arrived in Hades, Elpenor was the first shade to meet Odysseus, and pleaded with him to return to Aeaea and give him a proper cremation and burial.

Why is Elpenor important?

How does Odysseus show bravery?

Odysseus showed bravery by being able to put the stick in his eye and tried to not get killed. When the Cyclops decided to go outside, he opened the door to the cave, and Odysseus and his men decided to run away when they got the chance. They got their chance and ran off to the boat and escaped.

How does Odysseus show endurance?

On his voyage home, he must visit the Land of the Dead, evade the Sirens, Scylla and Charybdis and when he does arrive home, participate in a tricky reunion with his wife, Penelope. All of these examples show that Odysseus has extreme determination and perseverance.

What is Elpenor known for?

Mythology. Elpenor was not especially notable for his intelligence or strength, but he survived the Trojan War, and appears in the Odyssey. He is the youngest man to survive the Laestrygonians. While Odysseus was staying on Aeaea, Circe’s island, Elpenor became drunk and climbed onto the roof of Circe’s palace to sleep …