What shoes do soccer referees wear?

What shoes do soccer referees wear?

Soccer referees are expected and are governed by FIFA law to wear athletic footwear that has black as its primary color and white is not acceptable. Running shoes, cleats, and turf shoes are all fine for referees to wear however they must always be black in keeping with their uniform.

Do soccer refs have to wear black shoes?

It states in the 2014 ATR: 5.1 Officiating Team Uniforms …. Black shoes are preferred but referees can wear any color shoes so long as they are appropriate to perform the duties required of an official…..

Why do referees have to wear black shoes?

The idea, chiefly, is to ensure the referee on the field is as distinguishable as possible from the rest of the players, to avoid confusion. Wearing either solid black or bright colours ensures that players of both teams are easily able to distinguish the referee from the other players on the pitch.

What does a soccer referee wear?

Referees usually wear clothing that distinguishes them from the players to avoid confusion on the playing field. For example, in soccer, referees often wear either solid black or bright colors (blue, yellow, green, or orange). In most North American sports, referees wear vertical black and white stripes.

What shoes should referees wear?

Acceptable shoes are referee shoes, running shoes, soccer shoes (no metal, aluminum, or steel cleats), turf shoes, or any other appropriately safe, closed-toe footwear.

What boots do refs wear?

While referees are rather known for wearing traditional boots such as the Nike Premier or the Adidas Copa Mundial Kevin Friend opted for the cutting-edge Nike Flyknit Ultra soccer boot, Nike’s most advanced football boot available currently.

Do refs have to wear black boots?

FIFA allows referees to wear five colours: black, red, yellow, green and blue. Along with the jersey, referees are required to wear black shorts, black socks (with white stripes in some cases), and black shoes.

Do referees have to wear black shoes?

Not only are referees forbidden from entering into any contract that compensates them for their footwear, but referees must wear black shoes that have the brand name, logo or trademark blacked out or removed.

Can soccer refs wear hats?

Kudos to the U.S. Soccer Federation, which has announced its approval for referees to wear caps. Previous wording in U.S. Soccer’s “Advise to Referees on the Laws of the Game” stated that, “Hats or caps are not part of the officially accepted uniform …”

Can soccer refs wear pants?

Thermal (compression-style, Spandex-style, etc.) pants UNDER your USSF referee shorts and UNDER your USSF referee socks. Gloves, hats, and/or ear warmers made of soft material. Baseball-style caps shall be worn with the brim facing forward.

Do referees need black boots?

Where a cap is worn it must be black in colour, not restrict the peripheral vision of the match official, and not carry any form of advertising, logo or wording. So no regulations against it but you’ll probably get a reaction like this….. The blander the boots the better!

Why do coaches wear black boots?

Giving serious direction to players whilst wearing anything other than black football boots will, inevitably, get you laughed off both pitch and training ground. There’s a reason why top coaches and referees choose this colour; it shows experience and demands respect from the off.