What vocabulary should I know for the SAT?

What vocabulary should I know for the SAT?

262 SAT Vocab Words You’re Bound to See on Test Day

Word Definition
Altercation n. a noisy argument or confrontation
Ambiguous adj. unclear or vague in meaning
Ambitious adj. having a powerful desire for success or achievement
Ambivalence n. the state of being uncertain or stuck between two or more options

Should I memorize vocabulary for SAT?

Memorizing SAT vocabulary was absolutely necessary to do well on the exam. But with the current form of the SAT, there’s far less emphasis on testing vocabulary. Sentence Completion questions have been totally removed, and all vocab is now about medium difficulty, so you won’t be seeing any super obscure words anymore.

What are the most common SAT words?

Be tenacious in your studies and improvement is inevitable. All those bolded words in the passage we just saw (anecdote, diligent, intrepid, superfluous, tenacious, and inevitable) are all common SAT vocabulary words. Of course, no one can predict what words might show up on the test.

How do I improve my SAT vocabulary?

Here’s are some simple ways to build up your vocabulary before your SAT test date.

  1. Invest in a prep book.
  2. Read, read, read.
  3. Use a dictionary.
  4. Make new SAT words your own.
  5. Write it down.
  6. Practice with flashcards.
  7. Use it or lose it.
  8. Don’t forget your Math vocabulary!

How can I get 100 points on the SAT?

If you’ve already taken the SAT once and want to increase your score, here are some specific steps you can take to improve:

  1. Decide on a target score range.
  2. Register for the SAT.
  3. Set up a practice schedule.
  4. Use these best practices to guide your study time.
  5. Take a full-length SAT practice test.
  6. Retake the SAT.

What is the hardest word spelling?

Top 10 Hardest Words to Spell

  • Weird.
  • Intelligence.
  • Pronunciation.
  • Handkerchief.
  • logorrhea.
  • Chiaroscurist.
  • Pochemuchka.
  • Gobbledegook.

Is the PSAT harder than the SAT?

The PSAT test is slightly easier than the SAT test. The PSAT test is meant to serve as practice for the SAT test. When you break down how much time you have per question for each section of the tests, you’ll notice that you have a little more time to answer math questions on the PSAT test than you do on the SAT test.