What was the coldest weather in Denver Colorado?

What was the coldest weather in Denver Colorado?

These records go back to 1921, with a few years missing data. The lowest temperature recorded during that period was -25 degrees Fahrenheit (-32 Celsius) on December 22, 1990, and on several days in previous years. Since 1948 the temperature extremes were measured at Denver’s Stapleton neighborhood.

What was the coldest day ever in Colorado?

The coldest temperature on record in Colorado is minus 61 degrees, which was recorded on Feb. 1, 1985 in Maybell. Antero Reservoir recorded minus 50 degrees in Dec. 2020.

Does it snow in Denver Colorado in September?

Every few years, Denver gets an inch (2.5 cm) or more of fresh snow in one day during September.

How long has it been over 90 degrees in Denver?

In 2020, there were 75 days at or above 90 degrees in Denver breaking the record for the most in a year. Denver has also had 26 days at or above 95 degrees and five days at or above 100 degrees this year.

What is the coldest town in Colorado?

Fraser, with an annual mean temperature of 32.5 °F (0.3 °C) (or 34.8 °F (1.6 °C) based on another station in town) is the coldest incorporated town in the lower 48 states.

How cold is Denver in September?

Daily high temperatures decrease by 10°F, from 84°F to 74°F, rarely falling below 61°F or exceeding 92°F. Daily low temperatures decrease by 11°F, from 57°F to 47°F, rarely falling below 38°F or exceeding 64°F.

When was the latest first snow in Denver?

Dec. 10, 2021
Denver finally got its first snowfall of the season, shattering an 87-year-old record for the latest first snow. Dec. 10, 2021, at 8:00 p.m. Denver finally got its first snowfall of the season on Friday, shattering an 87-year-old record for the city’s latest first snow.

How many times has Denver hit 100 degrees?

Temperatures hit 100 degrees or above for the 5th time this year in Denver, tying us for the 3rd-most 100-degree days in a single year.

What is the highest temperature ever recorded in Denver Colorado?

105 degrees
The hottest temperature ever recorded in Denver was 105 degrees, Danielson said, and the city won’t get close to that Wednesday.

What is the hottest it’s ever been in Denver?

The highest temperature measured during that time was 104 degrees Fahrenheit (40 Celsius) on June 29, 2018, June 26, 2012, July 21, 2005 and June 26, 1994. Since 1948 the temperature extremes were observed at Denver’s Stapleton neighborhood. Before then, the weather station was in downtown Denver.

Does Denver or Chicago get more snow?

Denver averages 60.2 inches of snow per year. Chicago averages 35.1 inches of snow per year.

What happened in the 1993 Denver Broncos season?

The 1993 Denver Broncos season was the team’s 34th year in professional football and its 24th with the National Football League . 1993 was the first year for new head coach Wade Phillips, who had been the team’s defensive coordinator since 1989. John Elway was the quarterback for the Denver Broncos in which he passed for 4,030 yards.

How much snow did Denver get in the 1990s?

In the 1990s, Denver got more than the average in five years: 5.4 inches in 1993, 1.4 inches in 1994, 7.4 inches in 1995, 4.7 inches in 1996, 3.1 inches in 1999. The 10 biggest September snow totals on record for Denver: Sept. 3, 1961, marked the earliest snowstorm in Denver’s recorded history.

When is Denver’s first snowfall?

The average date of Denver’s first snowfall is Oct. 18. Over the past 10 years, the earliest first snowfall happened in 2012, on Oct. 5. The average date of the first freeze is Oct. 7.

What is the warmest temperature ever recorded in Denver Colorado?

Warmest temperature ever recorded the day before a measurable snowfall (93°F on 9/7). Previous high was 92°F on September 12, 1993. Shortest number of days between a 100 degree day and measurable snowfall (3). Previous record was 38 days in 2019. Number of days (2) between a record high and record low in Denver (September 6 to September 8).