What were the 3 classes of people in Greece?

What were the 3 classes of people in Greece?


  • male citizens – three groups: landed aristocrats (aristoi), poorer farmers (perioikoi) and the middle class (artisans and traders).
  • semi-free labourers (e.g the helots of Sparta).
  • women – belonging to all of the above male groups but without citizen rights.

What was the hierarchy of classes in ancient Greece?

Athenian society was ultimately divided into four main social classes: the upper class; the metics, or middle class; the lower class, or freedmen; and the slave class.

What was the upper class called in ancient Greece?

The Athens class
The Athens class (Upper Class) The Athens were the highest class in the Ancient Greek Heirachy and they had the highest position in society and were the most powerful people.

What did the upper class do in ancient Greece?

The highest class was made up of people born in Athens. Others from different locations could never aspire to fit in with this social group. This upper class was responsible for everything from the government to education and philosophy. If there was any type of work that needed to be done, slaves were required.

What were the social classes of ancient Greece Sparta?

Sparta had a slightly different social arrangement, with only three classes: citizens, slaves, and craftsmen or traders. When Did Ancient Greece Become a Slave Society?

What was the next class in ancient Greece hierarchy?

The Lower Class/Freedmen: The next class in Ancient Greece Hierarchy was Lower Class. Lower Class included those people who were once slaves in their past and were somehow freed by his/her owner. They were also referred as Freedmen.

What are the similarities between Ancient Greek and Roman management?

The Greeks (800 BC–400 BC) and Romans (500 BC–476 AD) added a number of important steps in the development of management. Although neither empire was commercially oriented, both Greeks and the Romans undertook a wide range of industrial projects, such as roads and aqueducts, and established various guilds and societies that encouraged trade.

What was the first and the topmost class in ancient Greece?

The Upper Class/ Athens: The first and the topmost class in Ancient Greece Hierarchy was the Upper Class which was also symbolized as the Leisure Class.

What are the three social classes in ancient Greece?

Greek Social Classes. In the Greek city-state of Sparta, we see this clearly with three distinct social classes: the native Spartans, who controlled politics and the military; the free foreigners, who controlled trade and communication with other cities; and the Helots, who were the slaves of Spartan society.