Where do you get the keycard in the last of us?

Where do you get the keycard in the last of us?

How to Obtain

Chapter: Pittsburgh
Place: Hotel Lobby
Explanation: Making your way back to Ellie after getting seperated. You will need the keycard to open the door. It located in the office right after you make way around the gap.

Where to find the keycard in the last of us remastered?

Hotel keycard is an artifact that can be found in “Pittsburgh”. It is necessary to the progress of the game, as it unlocks the exit door of the hotel.

How do you get past the Bills trap in the last of us?

Climb down another ladder, then crouch and crawl under another one of Bill’s traps. Head to your left and toward the sound of something pounding on a door. The noise will stop as you get close, but go ahead and open the door anyway. Trust us… it’s safe-ish.

How do you use the keycard in the last of us?

Take them out with your shotgun, then continue searching the upper level for the Hotel Keycard required to open the door. When you have the keycard, head back down to the ground level and activate the generator that is near the broken roof that created a makeshift ramp.

How do you get back to Ellie in the hotel?

Swim towards the wooden pallet and then bring it back to Ellie. Swim back towards the plank, then enter the cargo hold to your rear. Swim left, then head upstairs, go up the ramp and then cross over via the plank to reach Ellie. Now go inside the hotel.

How do you get out of bills town?

Once you reach a fence with the barb wire, try to open the gate and go left. Behind a small building there should be a wooden board leaning against the wall. Pick it up and lean it against the structure’s wall. You can climb over the extension at the other side and pull the board to the roof.

Where is Bob in the last of us?

From the RV, look to the barricaded end of the street. The Note to Bob is stuck to the barricade’s razor wire.